Two for Tuesday: Huey Lewis and the News (Encore Presentation)

Occasionally, I’d publish a post and it would get no reaction: no likes or comments. Such is the case with this, from August 2014.

If you’ve seen American Psycho, you probably remember the scene where Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) discusses the music of Huey Lewis and the News with Paul Allen (Jared Leto) before butchering his guest with an axe. (If you’ve never seen the movie, trust me, it’s very violent.)

Despite the violence of the scene, Patrick Bateman does make a good point about Huey Lewis and the News. After two so-so albums in the early 1980’s, they put it all together with 1983’s Sports album (reissued last year as a 30th anniversary edition). It was a commercial and artistic success, going seven times Platinum in the US, Gold in the UK, and Diamond in Canada, reached #1 in the US, and produced five singles, four of which reached the Top 10. The follow-up, 1986’s Fore!, went three times Platinum in the US and Canada and twice Platinum in the UK, also reached #1 in the US, and produced seven singles, two of which reached #1 and four reaching the Top 10. In between, they contributed two songs to the Back to the Future soundtrack; one, “The Power of Love,” reached #1 in the US. Rhythm guitarist Johnny Colla said in an interview that the band has sold more than 30 million records worldwide. While they haven’t produced the same buzz as they did in the mid-1980’s, they’re still active, touring and releasing albums every few years.

I chose a song from each of their two biggest albums, but went out of my way to choose songs that weren’t big hits. First, from Sports, here is “Bad is Bad,” which wasn’t issued as a single.

Second, from Fore!, here is “Simple as That.” As a single, it reached #47 in Switzerland, but didn’t chart in the US.

Their music is well-represented on YouTube, if you’re interested in hearing more. I highly recommend the 30th anniversary version of the Sports album, which has been remastered and includes live versions of all the songs on the album.

Huey Lewis and the News, your Two for Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

6 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Huey Lewis and the News (Encore Presentation)

  1. I like Huey Lewis, but I never had the good fortune to see him in person. Love his style too! Unfortunately, I don’t think I ever heard this song, but it kinda sounds familiar. Can’t be sure and the next song heard this song, but it’s cool. Now the next song, “Simple as that”. Nope I know I never heard that one as it says it never made it to the U.S. It’s cool though. Good job, John. See ya tomorrow! hugs and Stay Healthy, Stay Safe & STAY HOME!!!!


    1. The first is from “Sports,” so if you’ve heard that album, you’ve probably heard it (and conversely, if you haven’t heard the album, you probably haven’t heard the song). The second was new to me as well: it’s from the next album, “Fore!” and I haven’t heard that all the way through, just “Hip To Be Square” and whatever the next single was. I think it only did well in one country, and it wasn’t this one…


  2. I remember when they were all over the airwaves. He was good looking which worked against him in a strange way and was not taken seriously. Their music now not considered that great which is so stupid since they used many instruments and are much better than the dreck you hear now..aka yum, yum yum or whatever Justin Bieberhead is singing


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