Music & Drugs #socs

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I was going through some old entries I made on LiveJournal the other day and found one from 2003, the last time I went to the National Guitar Workshop. It was a recap I wrote at the end of the week, and I saw something that stuck right out. Our instructor made a point of telling us never to play without musical intent. Even if you’re trying to get the fingering down on a song or scale or chord, it’s not just a matter of digital manipulation: you’re trying to make music. That’s the ultimate goal of whatever you’re practicing, to make music with it. So it’s better just to make music from the get-go. That way, it doesn’t sound like practice when you’re playing.

I got a message from my pharmacy to come pick up my prescriptions. Actually, I got several reminders to pick up my prescriptions. The thing is, though, I just got them refilled two months ago, and I’m still working on the pills I had gotten the time before that. I also got not just one, but two, phone calls from the medical practice I go to, telling me that they had renewed my prescriptions (which had expired with the last refill) and that I needed to schedule an appointment if I wanted to get any more. Which I knew, and had in fact scheduled it a couple of months ago for the day after Memorial Day, when I get my Medicare checkup, at which I would have had my doctor renew my prescriptions. Which he will, and send it over to the pharmacy, who will then try to fill it again and be told by their system that I had just had my prescriptions refilled, so I’ll get a call from the pharmacy informing me of that fact. That’s when I’ll tell them that I’m good through November. That ought to blow their minds…

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11 thoughts on “Music & Drugs #socs

  1. The back and forth pharmacy game is terrific fun, isn’t it? The same thing happens with my meds which is what made it so frustrating when I lost track of one and it actually did run out.


    1. The more I think about it, the more I get upset at the pharmacy for calling my doctor to renew the prescriptions without telling me they were going to. I put my prescriptions on auto-refill because it’s convenient, but if that’s what’s going to happen then maybe I shouldn’t.


  2. When played the piano, it sometimes sounded like music. With the clarinet, it never did. I chose the instrument because my cousin played one, and because I thought holding the trumpet, which my mother preferred, would take to much energy. I didn’t know at the time that the trumpet gets the melody.


  3. The ultimate goal of whatever you’re practicing is to make music with it. What a wonderful way to practice! Sometimes I play guitar to learn or practice a song for church, and that’s okay, but when I play to make music, I forget about time and things like news, and pharmacy calls.


  4. I have placed my order through their online prescription process and I got irritated because my pills would be fixed up way before I needed them. I ended up cancelling through the online style and just call it in. Right now, we now have to give them 48hr notice because of the virus. I couldn’t help but think of 2 songs..Drugs in My Pocket and I get a Kick out of You


  5. Interesting what you say about prescriptions. I order online, it goes online from the doctors to the pharmacy, somebody delivers to my door about a week later. 28 days supply each time. Our doctors, too, will only allow a certain number of repeats until a review. Whilst humans will often let this slide, IT systems won’t, so the last time (2 weeks ago) their system would not let me order any meds.


    1. I really need to get on the pharmacy’s case about this. They had no business calling the doctor to renew the prescription without calling me first. I had an appointment set up specifically to have my prescriptions refilled and plenty of pills to get me through that amount of time and beyond. There was no need to do that.

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