Representative #atozchallenge

600From a 1959 pocket calendar given to Lien Chemical Company clients by Lien’s representatives

Look at the snazzily-dressed gentleman on the left-hand page above. He’s your Lien Chemical Company representative. Well, not him, exactly: he’s just a drawing. Any resemblance to anyone working for Lien Chemical Company is strictly coincidental. You could say that the drawing is a representation of your Lien representative. They probbably got the picture out of a book of clip art…

Anyway, the last paragraph on that page says it all: if you need help with restroom sanitation, pest control, or janitorial supplies, you call NAtional 5-6700 (or whatever number you call for your area) and speak with someone who’ll be more than happy to help you in any way he can. He’s the face (or the voice) of Lien. He might send another representative to your location, who will show up in a snazzy uniform with an Eisenhower jacket, a peaked cap with the Lien Chemical Company logo on it, and pants pressed with a crease you could cut things with, shoes shined, tie straight, clean shaven, big smile on his face. He dresses like that because he represents Lien Chemical Company. He is the company, to you, anyway. He wants you to like him because he wants you to "Keep Clean With Lien."

Go to a doctor’s office, and you’ll probably see a very attractive and well-dressed young woman (or man) wheeling a document case into the waiting area. Maybe there are several of them. Those are the pharmaceutical companies’ representatives, and they’re carrying pens, pads of Post-It Notes, maybe even a toy or two, imprinted with the drug they’ve been incented (there’s a buzzword or you) to get the doctor to take samples of, maybe try them out on a patient and see if the drug fixes what ails them. They want the doctor’s business, and if they can get a success story from a patient with that problem, it could mean lots of money for the company (and thus the representative).

Every two years, we Americans elect someone to represent us in the House of Representatives to be our face and voice in Washington. Of course, more often than not they get there and forget that…

19 thoughts on “Representative #atozchallenge

  1. I wonder if anyone ever goes to a doctor and asks for a drug they’ve seen advertised on television. My representative in Congress (the House) is excellent. Others . . .


  2. Well, I’ll tell you John. I hate INSURANCE OF ANY KIND & probably because I don’t understand it. In fact, right now I have a decision to make on health insurance. I never chose medicare it was given to me when I turned 65 & I don’t even know the name of it and the price is out of the ball-park! I have to make a change, but I don’t trust anyone. I’m sick about it and I keep putting it off, but I have to get someone to come over and explain things to me. I also have medical insurance, which is Humana. They use to be super cheap, Regular doctors were 5 bucks & specialists were $25. They changed to $0 for my GP & specialists are $48 . So that’s fifty dollars to go to the doctors. I can’t afford that. I hate letting those reps into my home because they’ll talk your ear off & say nothing & they’re only scamming you anyway. SO SAD!!!! Have a nice weekend my friend. hugs… stay healthy!!!


  3. “incented (there’s a buzzword or you) ” I had no idea. It makes me think somebody just wanted to use a word most people didn’t know so they could seem smart. I’m sure it must be good for my brain to learn a new word, so thanks. 🙂


  4. I’m enjoying your a-z posts as much as your music each day at the moment. I’m finding a few bloggers who I happen to follow have chosen interesting subjects, although I’m not following the challenge per se.


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