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I’m pretty sure most of you live in countries where Kellogg’s cereals are sold, but you might not be aware of their various packs, where you get individual servings of some of their more popular cereals, for people who can’t make up their minds. This ad will explain it all better than I could.

They targeted them at different audiences: the Request Pack was for families without children, the Variety Pack was for families with children. They added a third one, the Snack Pack, for families without parents just the kids, if the parents didn’t eat cereal, or maybe even didn’t eat breakfast, which is something you should never do. (Actually, the parents were probably stopping at Dunkin Donuts (which I think is just Dunkin now) or Winchell’s and grabbing a couple of donuts and coffee, which we all know is the Breakfast of Champions.)

Not to be outdone, Post (one of the competing brands) had their own assortments of cereals, like the Treat-Pak and Post-Tens.

General Mills, who had the most kid-friendly cereals (Kix, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Wheaties, Lucky Charms etc.) didn’t sell mini-boxes of their cereals. Guess they weren’t interested in playing along.

Anyway, the kids’ packs would always have a half dozen sugar-coated cereals, which kept the Holton boys happy, because six boxes meant each one of us would get two and none of us would get stuck with the crappy cereals like Shredded Wheat and 40% Bran Flakes. With the Variety Pack, those were usually the odd men out.

By the way, in my neighborhood anyway, homes broke up into three different types, based on what brand of cereal your parents bought: Kellogg’s houses, Post houses, and General Mills houses. Ours was a Kellogg’s house.

Don’t know where I was going with this. I might have just been looking for a way to show old commercials.

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    1. Occasionally we’d alternate ham and peanut butter, and on Monday we usually got a sandwich of whatever roast was for dinner on Sunday night. As for breakfast, we’d get the economy-sized boxes because, you know, three boys…

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      1. Oh, understandable. My mom sometimes swapped for a marmalade sandwich. Corn pops and froot loops still remind me of my childhood. As a teen, living with grandma, we only had cornflakes, because, huge family, too.


  1. While I like most cold cereals, I definitely prefer Rice Krispies and Mini Wheats and Raisin Bran — however! Cheerios is General Mills, the odd one for me 🙂
    My mother bought only Wheaties and Chex(es) so those are my least favorite, of course.


    1. Chex are great in Chex Mix, where you mix them with peanuts and pretzels and coat them with butter, Worcestershire sauce, and spices. (There are other recipes here:

      I’m at that time of life where I have oatmeal in the morning, more for the fiber than anything. Sucks getting old…


  2. I remember the variety packs – still get them here but only one kind. I don’t ever remember seeing the different types. Yes great for travelling but not economical and not that filling.


  3. We used to always get the Kellogg’s assortments as well. I don’t even remember other variety packs. I don’t see any of these assortments anymore, but I haven’t really been looking either. I can’t recall ever seeing my father or mother eat cereal. My dad was definite a fan of donuts or other sweets while my mother would typically eat toast for breakfast.

    Arlee Bird

    Tossing It Out


  4. Post was definitely the better variety pack, but they all included something no one wanted to eat. Then it was “We’re not opening the new pack until the old one is all gone.”


    1. There was an unwritten rule between the Holton boys that you didn’t take the last of anything. As such, we had I forget how many (upwards of five) cereal boxes in the pantry with maybe an inch of cereal left. When Dad saw this, he consolidated all the cereals into a single box and told us he wasn’t going to buy any more until we finished that box. It was kind of interesting, having Wheaties, Lucky Charms, Corn Flakes with Instant Bananas, Rice Krispies, and one or two other cereals all in one bowl. Kind of like Chex Mix (I think we had some of that, too).


    1. You don’t see commercials with the stars of the shows in them anymore. That used to be part of the deal. For example, The Andy Griffith Show was sponsored by Maxwell House coffee, and he would do a commercial for it, in character. Not any more…


    1. I used to see them in diners. There’d be a line on the menu “assorted Kellogg’s cereals, 0.65” or something like that.

      We went to Disneyland in ’67, stayed at the hotel and ate at the restaurant there. A couple was there with their daughter (maybe their granddaughter) who would only eat corn flakes. I don’t remember where I was going with that….

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  5. Fun looking at these old ads.
    I remember those little boxes, and some you could punch out the side, and fill the box with milk. Maybe they were foil lined. Sugar Crisp was my favorite, while my Dad had to have Post Toasties, not Kellogs Corn Flakes.


  6. John,

    My mom bought the ‘Request Packs’ of Kellogg’s cereal when I was little. I didn’t know they had a special name, though. What I did know is one little box was never enough for breakfast. Today I marvel at the popularity of individual serving sizes of cereal in a bowl for purchase and I think, it’s a lot cheaper to buy a big box than to the single size. Why you can take twice as much cereal with you on the go if you want and still come out cheaper. I guess the appeal of it being in a bowl and everything being disposable is what drives the popularity of these items. Anywho, this was certainly a flashback of memories. 🙂

    Cathy’s Pinup Girl Art Sketch Series ‘Q’ hits the 4M dance floor


    1. The boxes Kellogg’s used were scored down the front so that you could open the box that way, tear the inner wrapper, pour milk into it, and eat right out of the package. They called it the Kel-bol-pac. The little boxes were expensive when you consider how much you got for the price, but they’re kind of a novelty. We used to buy the big boxes at home, with three of us eating cereal in the morning. We could go through a big box of Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies in a couple of mornings. Honestly, we were like locusts…

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  7. My parents never bought those. I usually at breakfast at my desk, which until recently meant breakfast in the office, and, being self indulgent, I’ve bought those variety packs to keep at my desk.


    1. My parents bought these and my brother and I would eat 2 because there never seemed enough in just 1. We preferred the regular boxes and put the cereal on a bowl. I have to say these were good in our lunch boxes


  8. I remember the variety packs they were a rare treat, coming from a large family mum always bought a large pack of usually Cornflakes as that was much more economical 🥴💜


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