Share Your World for April 20, 2020

It’s that time again! Melanie asks questions every week that range from deep and probing to downright silly (I’m thinking “opposite of koala”). If you’d like to play along, click the link in the last statement. Here are this week’s questions…

In your opinion what animal is the most majestic? The giraffe.

See what I mean? Image by Andreas Göllner from Pixabay

What seemingly innocent question makes you think “It’s a trap!”? “Are you busy?” If you weren’t before they asked, you’ll probably be if you say “no.”

What weird potato chip flavor that doesn’t exist would you like to try? Wasabi. (It doesn’t exist here, anyway; I can’t speak for Japan.)

Share some gratitude with people if you like. Mary says thank you for all the birthday wishes.

See you in the funny papers!

9 thoughts on “Share Your World for April 20, 2020

  1. Thanks John for Sharing Your World! Elephants and giraffes both have multiple ‘likes’ in the majestic category. Those wild creatures ARE majestic! 🙂 “Are you busy?” can indeed lead to one becoming that way in short order because usually it’s the pre-cursor to someone asking a favor of someone else. Lastly, Wasabi is a flavor of potato chip I’ve seen recently right here in rural Utah! So you know it’s popular. For me? Wasabi belongs (in strict moderation) on certain sushi selections. It’s too strange tasting (and hot) for me personally, but apparently it’s popular! Hope you can find some to try! 🙂 Amazon perhaps? After the virus is over or abated of course. Ordering Wasabi chips right now would prove futile I bet! 😮 I hope your wife had a wonderful birthday! 🙂


    1. I’ve learned that there’s real wasabi, which is plant-based and expensive, and fake wasabi, where they mix hot mustard and horseradish and add food coloring, which is what you get at most Japanese restaurants. The real thing is a little milder and tastes better. Wasabi-flavored chips have not reached the Southeast, at least I haven’t seen them. Maybe I should have said kimchi, the Korean sauerkraut…


  2. I like your pick of the Giraffe but I would choose the horse. When my hubby asks”Can you tell me something?” I know I’m In doo doo. Weird potato flavour..hmmmm….fruit flavours like Mango. As for gratefulness, I am happy that there are no rations or bombs dropping which is what my mom experienced so things could be a lot worse.


    1. You like giraffes, too? At the giraffe exhibit at the Honolulu Zoo, they have a platform you can climb so you can get at almost eye level with them. They’re really serene looking.


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