Decisions, Decisions… #1LinerWeds

Mary thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Garry Moore for Winston filter cigarettes. Winston tastes good like a cigarette should!

“Potsy” is New York for “hopscotch.” The things you learn in this job…

13 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions… #1LinerWeds

  1. Well, your birthday month so enjoy the small things because they are big to us right now. That commercial was funny with him doing a unique hopscotch routine and having fun doing the Ad for Winston which was even on the panel board in the background.


  2. Now that’s a good one. Sorry for those who are unable to get out to celebrate quarantine birthdays if that’s what they usually do.


    1. Both Mary (Monday) and I (March 25) had quarantine birthdays this year. We still managed to get out, although we stayed in the car the whole time. But it wasn’t in the house…


  3. I try to divide my daily time up among several rooms in our home. In fact I try to visit all of them for at least a stop by each day. But I probably was doing this before the quarantine as well.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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