Song of the Day: Jim Croce, “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”


Every time I do songs about Chicago, if I don’t include this one, people start asking, “why didn’t you include ‘Bad, Bad Leroy Brown’?” It was a huge single for Jim Croce in 1973: released in April of that year, it peaked at #1 on the Billboard, Cash Box, and RPM (Canada) charts, and was still on the charts in September, when he died in a plane crash in Natchitoches, Louisiana. It was the #2 record of the year according to Billboard and Cash Box (coming in behind “Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree” by Tony Orlando & Dawn) and #15 in Canada for the year.

14 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Jim Croce, “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”

  1. Had no idea this song had anything to do with Chicago. Just looked up the lyrics and I see it is mentioned in the first line. That would be why, I’m only good at recalling the chorus of most songs.


    1. It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve really paid attention to lyrics. Funny thing: most people’s hearing deteriorates as they get older, but mine’s gotten better. Either that or I’m just paying attention better.


      1. Maybe I’ll get better at listening to lyrics one day? Funny thing about hearing, you lose your high pitches first, so maybe that’s cleared the music up so you can hear the lyrics better? I know that I often don’t hear the lyrics because I literally can’t hear them, lol.


  2. Well, my friend I’m not crying stupid here, but I guess in a way I am. What exactly is your subject for A to Z??? I think I know, but I’d rather ask then make a fool outta me. 😦 Sorry…. Luv LeeRoy Brown. It’s a very fun song, don’t cha think and yes “Since you went away” is a favorite of mine too & Shirley Temple did turn out to be a beautiful lady until the day she died. God bless that woman. She did so very much with her life and it was all for others. Have a good night, John. Oh and did your wife have a nice birthday??? What did ya get her? Yep, I’m the nosey kind! hahahahahahaha hugs & a big hello to the wife.


    1. All my words this year are the prefix “re” followed by the letter of the day, followed by the rest of the word. Except in a couple of cases, I don’t use “re” followed by a verb, like “reuse” or “reorder.”

      Mary had as good a birthday as she could while mostly being cooped up in the house. We have an agreement: she buys whatever she wants and I just say “happy birthday.”


  3. He was the first famous person I remember dying. I loved his greatest hits and this one was so easy to sing to.


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