Writer’s Workshop: Recent Purchases

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Oddly enough, we’re not shopping online any more or less because we’ve been in the house. Mary has been reading a lot, which helps her in stressful times, so she’s bought a few books from Amazon, and she’s bought yarn for a project she has going, but again, nothing out of the ordinary.

We have bought a couple of culinary delights online. About a month ago, we ordered some chili pepper spices from Rosetta’s Farm, run by a friend I used to work with. He dropped out of the corporate world a few years ago and now runs a farm in New Jersey, growing chili peppers. As he says on his website, they grow one crop a year, and sell until they’re finished. And the spices are great, ranging from mild to wild. Bill’s a good friend, and if you order from him, tell him I sent you. It won’t get you a discount, but still, he’s a buddy.

We also bought some tamales from Fat Mama’s Tamales in Natchez, Mississippi. We haven’t tried them yet, because they just got here yesterday, but I have a feling it’s money well spent.

I’ve purchased the latest albums from two smooth jazz guitarists I like, one from Nils called Caught In The Groove, and the other from Chris Standring called Real Life. They’ve both been doing mini-concerts online since the quarantine, since they’re both grounded, as it were, with shows canceled, so I wanted to support both. Both albums are fantastic, as you’ve probably guessed.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to here.

28 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Recent Purchases

  1. Thanks much for the link to Rosetta’s Farms, John. Read your post, started to comment, but immediately was distracted by the spice selections when I visited Rosetta’s. Read further and then ran to visit Fat Mama’s. I’m now hooked on both.

    Sorry for my brief comment but…I’m shopping.

    Stay safe!


  2. I don’t think we’ve been shopping any more or less online either. I was not buying almost anything for a little while there; just trying to be tight with money. Then I figured out some projects around the house I wanted to do I let loose.


  3. Tamales sound scrumptious! Thanks for the great idea. I do most shopping online except for groceries. It’s usually household items, some electronics, and clothing. I had a frivolous moment the other day and ordered my sunscreen from Sephora. They have products that I am not allergic to. Perhaps, a bit pricey but better than breaking out in hives.


    1. There is that… My brother would break out in hives if he took aspirin. Tylenol had just come out and was pretty expensive (there wasn’t a generic equivalent), but it kept him from breaking out, so it was worth the price.

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  4. Tamales, what a yummy idea. Maybe this weekend I ask hubby to buy some for breakfast. I totally identify with your wife buying yarns and books. Even if I don’t knit right now, I love to look for new projects.


    1. Mary has hundreds of patterns that she might never actually do, but she likes having them because they give her ideas for what to do next.

      I can’t imagine tamales for breakfast, but that’s just me…

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      1. Totally relatable about those patterns. And believe it or not, here in Mexico, it’s typical to find people selling tamales very early in the morning, either sweet or salty. And it’s the traditional breakfast on Candlemas.


  5. Well I ordered the spice! lol The tamales are on my maybe list. Might be kind of fun to try Fat Mama’s margaritas and Ice Pickles too!


    1. I hope you like the spices. Something about knowing the person who grew the peppers and oversaw the manufacture of the spices makes them that much better.

      I wish I lived closer to Natchez so I could experience Fat Mama’s in person.


  6. Wow, the tamales sound like a good idea. I recently looked up a local Florida ranch that sells beef online. Perhaps pricier, but you know exactly how it was raised and what it ate.


  7. It’s funny how we get fed up with it, isn’t it? I got out in 2013 and turned my attention to being a bicycle mechanic. But it was difficult to make it pay the bills, and then the stroke came along anyway. Since I have been doing IT under my own steam again it is a lot more enjoyable (even if that doesn’t pay the bills yet either).


      1. Funny, I have some regrets now about not doing a PhD in astrophysics, I was offered one but wanted money instead. Life would’ve been very different! I enjoyed the actual “IT” bit, the technical side, but I met a shedload of assholes on the way 🙂. I’d go back to doing it but would stay local instead of going to the big city.

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