Song of the Day: Chicago, “Take Me Back To Chicago”


Wanted to finish this week with a song by the band that named itself Chicago. This is from their 1977 release Chicago XI, and was written by drummer Danny Seraphine and David “Hawk” Wolinski, who had played with a number of Chicago-area bands, including The Shadows of Knight and Rufus. Wolinski plays the ARP synthesizer on this track and Chaka Khan contributes backup vocals and “incredible preach” at the end of the song. By this time, Chicago had added Latin percussionist Laudir de Oliveira to their regular lineup.

This was the last album to feature guitarist, founding member, and guiding light Terry Kath. On January 23, 1978, just a couple of months after the album’s release, Terry pointed a gun that he thought was unloaded at his head, squeezed the trigger, and killed himself.

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    1. That’s the official story, anyway. There are rumors that he didn’t accidentally leave a bullet in the chamber, and others that suggest that he was actually murdered. I prefer to stick with the official story…


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