Song of the Day: Sammy Davis Jr., “Lonely Is The Name”


Learned this one when I was taking guitar lessons and it was a new song. “Lonely Is The Name” was written by Bert Kaempfert, Herbert Rehbein, and Carl Sigman and was the title track from Sammy Davis Jr.’s 1968 album. Wikipedia says of the album, “The Allmusic review by Lindsay Planer awarded the album three and a half stars and said that Davis ‘once again blended his interminable hipness with a batch of popular standards and fresh interpretations of selections that he had previously delivered in a distinctly different style.'” Fix yourself a Martini, turn the lights down, sit on your sofa and enjoy this lounge classic…

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Sammy Davis Jr., “Lonely Is The Name”

  1. Yes he was John, a one of a kind talent and he was talented in so many areas. Singing, dancing, acting, comedian, friend. He was friend to everyone. I always enjoyed him when he was a guest on anyone’s show. The one I watched recently was on the Archie Bunker Show. Oh my gosh, I laughed through the whole time he was on. The looks and the comebacks were great! Have a nice day my friend and do be cautious and careful.


    1. You have to admire him: he had to deal with Jim Crow laws everywhere he went, even Las Vegas, where he was selling out crowds every night but couldn’t stay at the hotel. To Frank Sinatra’s eternal credit, he went to the hotel owners and told them in no uncertain terms that if Sammy was good enough to entertain at the hotel, he was good enough to stay there, too. The bigotry he faced had to have hurt (and imagine what he went through when he married a white woman), but he met it with humor, and he won over a lot of people just because he was such a beautiful guy.


  2. Another great song for these times. One forget what a great voice he had in such a small body. He was a great talent!


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