The Tres de Mayo Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Stadium Checkers. Exciting as a football game, more interesting than checkers!

Another A to Z Challenge is done and dusted. Thanks to everyone who made it a success, and to the other members of the A to Z Team: J, Csenge, Jayden, and Arlee, who got the whole ball rolling eleven years ago. It’s always been the highlight of my blogging year, and this year was no exception. This week and next will be time to take the post-challenge survey (from whence you’ll get the badge of completion) and to write your reflections post (which is optional), then on the 18th we start the A to Z Challenge Road Trip, where you’ll have a chance to visit the blogs you didn’t get a chance to visit during the challenge.

The intensity of the blogging, commenting and responding to comments of the last month coupled with the ongoing “shelter in place” has left me pretty well exhausted and a little on edge. How about you? I’m alnmost considering taking a blog vacation, kind of like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! do, and run a couple of weeks of “encore performances.” Nah… I enjoy this blogging every day thing too much. Here’s the summary for last week.

The theme this past Monday was “angels,” and I offered up a Christmas carol, themes from TV shows and movies, a commercial from the ’60’s, and a few songs in esponse. The result pleaseed me.

The questions included whether we felt guns protect or kill people, whether it’s more important to be respected or liked, whether a big ego is a positive or negative trait, and whether death is a new beginning or not.

In an encore presentation from the early days of the blog, Karen and Richard Carpenter were the featured artists.

The subject was the occasionally ridiculous names given to dishes at a restaurant.

The assignment was to write a blog post inspired by the word “green.” Green was the color of most vehicles (trains and buses) operated by the Chicago Transit Authority, so riding the buses was the subject.

We visited KHJ in Los Angeles on April 30, 1969 and recreated their Top 10 from that day.

I did it again: I created a new battle with a song I had already used and at least one of the contestants from the previous battle. Oops. The good news is, the song that didn’t get any votes last time has gotten all the votes this time. You can vote, if you wish, but I don’t think there’s much mystery as to who’s going to win. Thanks to Stephen, I have my next battle, after which I think I need to find another gimmick.

I started with an instruction from the manual for my shortwave radio and talked about how I’m not having a lot of luck getting any stations on the shortwave band. Ed, who comments here from time to time, gave me a couple of pointers, one of which was why I might be having such troubles this time around.

All the regular features will be here: Monday is a freebie day for M4, and it’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you. If I think of a new theme for Two for Tuesday, I’ll start that on Tuesday. Sometime this week, I’ll give my reflections on the recently completed A to Z Challenge, and we’ll feature another radio survey on Friday. I need to wait on prompts for most of this week’s festivities. Be sure and tune in and see what I come up with.

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And that does it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

12 thoughts on “The Tres de Mayo Week That Was

  1. Happy Constitution Memorial Day! (Which is a public holiday here in Japan)


      1. Sorry, I didn’t explain, May 3 is Constitution Memorial Day here in Japan. It is just to remember the current constitution that was enacted after World War II.


  2. Thanks for a great A to Z.

    I thought your Battle seemed familiar but a lot of them are starting to seem familiar after all of these years of doing them.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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