Share Your World for May 4, 2020

Hey kids, what time is it?

It’s… Share… Your… World Time!
It’s Share Your World Time!
It’s Share Your World Time…

Sorry, I was channeling my inner Buffalo Bob…

“Buffalo Bob” Smith and Howdy Doody, in case you were wondering…

Melanie has the questions and rules over at her blog, in case you’d like to play along. Here are this week’s questions…

What can you break even if you don’t touch it? Wind.

What’s the most useful thing you own? Probably my phone, because I can’t think of anything else.

What’s The Silliest Reason You’ve Ever Gotten Into A Fight With Someone Over? I got in an argument with my brother over how to spell Burt Hooton’s last name. He said it ended in -en, I said it was -on. I won.

If You Were A Snake, How Long Would You Want To Be? About a foot, or 30 centimeters, or 0.0015 city blocks. Any longer, you’re just showing off.

Gratitude and/or uplifting? I had a good dental appointment today, and got out of the house for a couple of hours because we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

See you in the funny papers!

13 thoughts on “Share Your World for May 4, 2020

  1. I like your first answer which everyone is guilty of. I would say..a mirror. The phone is very useful and I am talking about my home phone..yes I still have one. I would say, my books because books give you knowledge and can transport me anywhere. I have had too many silly things where an argument happened and most of the time, I don’t remember what the reason was for the argument. As for a snake..the longer and bigger the better but stupidly, ichhh. I am grateful for flowers and animals


  2. The fast food joints around here are probably doing better than pre-lockdown. The other day we saw an amazingly long line at Raisng Canes Chicken Fingers–I couldn’t believe it. It was longer than lines I’ve seen at In-and-Out which can have some very long lines. Never understood the infatuation with Canes. Neither my wife and I cared much for it. I’ve tried it twice, once in Texas and once here–just don’t get it.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I was at an In-n-Out in Placerville about 20 years ago, and I swear the entire town was there. The guy I was with told me that they give priority to the drive-thru customers. Never been to Canes; guess I’m not missing much…


  3. I would have thought your computer would be your most useful thing. Congrats on the good dental visit. I hate the dentist.


    1. I’ve spent way too much time and money in the dentist’s chair, but I don’t mind going if it means I don’t have tooth and gum issues. I’ve dealt with that a little too much…

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  4. Thanks John for Sharing Your World!! Twelve inches? Impressive sir. You won’t get your tail stepped on either I’m betting, but could hunt and get a really good meal at that length. Nice snakie. 😆 Okay. I’m glad you got out of the house for a while and that the dentist visit wasn’t one of those that you came back from traumatized. Those are always good. Chick Fil A sounds tasty too, especially since many of us have had our dining out curtailed recently. Have a great week! 😀 Wind… heheh


    1. A snake is all tail, isn’t it? I’m thinking more like the snakes that occasionally find themselves in my lawn and back yard.

      As much dental work as I’ve had over the years, nothing scares me anymore. About the worst thing that happened was that I had two crowns done, in opposite corners of my lower jaw, and while the dentist was trying to install them I managed to break both of them. She said “tap your teeth together” when she put them in, and snap! I don’t know how I managed to do that, but I did it…


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