#atozchallenge 2020: Looking Back

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Time for my Reflections post, and how appropriate: “reflections” would have fit right in with the words I used this year. My theme was “words that start with re-, followed by the letter of the day and the rest of the word.” I also said I’d avoid as much as possible verbs with “re-” as a prefix, and only fell back on that three times, for the letters K (rekey) and Z (rezoning), where I couldn’t find another word, and O (reorganize), which was my opportunity to talk about the number of times I was reorganized in my 20 years with one employer. I found that adding the prefix obviated the problems we all have finding words that start with Q, Z, and especially X.

I had all my posts waiting in the queue by the time April Fool’s Day rolled around, which was a good thing because I also had the posts to wrote for the Challenge blog (Mondays and Saturday the 11th), and I wanted to get around and visit as many blogs as I could during the month. As with most veteran abecedarians, I already followed a few of the participants, but I did find a few new blogs or blogs I hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to (for which I apologize). Here are a few of those blogs…

  • Anne Nydam at Black and White – Anne’s theme was traditional English Nursery rhymes, and she really explained a lot of them to me. I had heard a lot of them when I was much younger, and knew there was a story behind many of them, but didn’t know what the story was. Now I do.
  • Sadje at Keep It Alive – I know Sadje from One-Liner Wednesday and Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and I know she’s a poet of considerable skill. She said this was the first time she had finished the Challenge, and you’d never know it.
  • Sharon Cathcart at her eponymous blog – Sharon shared facts about Pompeii, the city that buried under smoke and ash by Mount Vesuvius back in 79 AD. Having taken several years of Latin, I found this interesting, but even if you didn’t, you’ll enjoy her series.
  • Paula Light at Light Motifs II – I want to point Paula out because, even though she did the Challenge, she never officially joined. Her A to Z was about games, and was really good.
  • Emily Schudel at Zombie Flamingoes – Emily wrote about women photographers, and I was amazed that she actually found someone for every letter. Her entry for Z was Annie Liebowitz, whose name ends with Z. Clever!
  • Penny at Animal’s Place Creative Studios – Penny’s a photographer, and her topic was photography terms. And she kept it simple and it made sense to me, which in itself is pretty amazing.
  • Cheryl Wright at Plucking of My Heartstrings – Cheryl has a Shetland Sheepdog and wrote about what life was like with one. I had an aunt (sadly deceased) who had a Sheltie who was nothing whatsoever like Cheryl’s, so it was interesting to see what they’re really like.
  • Trudy at Reel Focus – Trudy, who’s a screenwriter, talked about humor in films, specifically what makes her laugh.
  • Ruth at Ruth Blogs Here – Ruth wrote about her Inverness, which was a change from what she wanted to write about, thanks to Covid-19. Mary and I visited Scotland many years ago, and apart from where the tour buses took us and the area near our bed and breakfast in Edinburgh, we didn’t see a whole lot, so reading her entries, and especially looking at the pictures, was enjoyable.
  • Carrie-Anne at Onomastics Outside The Box – Carrie-Anne had a list each day of Estonian names. Mary’s grandparents were all from Lithuania, another of the Baltic states, and she teaches Estonian knitting (among other things), so this was of some interest to us.
  • Melanie B. Cee at Sparks From A Combustible Mind – Melanie’s the person that runs the Share Your World blog hop. She wrote about Utah Ski Resorts, and when she ran out of those, her entries were about Mythical Creatures. A good way to handle things.
  • Sue at Sue’s Trifles – Sue’s posts were about the Easter story, and she did a good job of cross-referencing the terminology in each to her other entries, so it was like a reference work, only a lot easier to read and understand.
  • Sarah Zama at The old Shelter – Sarah’s been doing A to Z for a couple of years, and this year’s topic was Living in the Twenties. It was, as all her topics have been, interesting to read and learn from.
  • Frédérique at Quilting Patch – Frédérique is a quilter, and while her entries were written in French, she offered translations, but really, the star here was the pictures of the quilts. I had no idea…
  • Nilanjana Bose at Madly-In-Verse – Nila’s topic was India in 26 objects, but she shared a lot of Indian popular music that wasn’t from Bollywood productions, music which, unless you know what you’re looking for, you’ll never find. Life got in the way of her participation, as it is often wont to do, but her entries continued to post (one of the good things about scheduling things ahead of time), and they’re worth reading (and listening to).

There were some blogs that I would have liked to have read as well, but didn’t get a chance to, which is why we have the A to Z Road Trip. That kicks off on May 18, a week from next Monday, so I hope to get to all of your blogs over the next several months.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by during the challenge, whether you left a comment, a like, or just bumped the counter up by 1. And finally, to the other cohosts, J, Csenge, Jayden, and Arlee, thanks for letting me play along.

Hope to see all of you back next year! God willing and the creek don’t rise, you know I’ll be back.

27 thoughts on “#atozchallenge 2020: Looking Back

  1. John, I stoppeyd by from the a to z road trip. I have a pattern I follow when going thrpugh an a toz challenge blog. I try to read 4-6 posts before deciding if I want to comment. I usually will read the a and z for brginning and end, I will read D and R as they are my initials. On most days of the month I will also read the corresponding letter to the dtae of the month. For example today being the 5th of June I read E. In addition to those I read the most recent post. I really like your theme this year. Of the entries I read I enjoyed ready and reuns the most. I also read you r most recent post about yhe top 10 from 1978. I enjoy your writing style and the topics you choose to write about so I plan on reading more of your stuff .


  2. I’m finally getting around to reflecting, and visiting reflection posts. Once again you had such a unique and creative theme for the challenge. I loved following along!

    (P.S. Thanks for sharing a link to my blog on here! That was very kind.)


    1. I hope it gets you a few visits during the road trip. I’m happy you enjoyed my theme. I always look for a theme that uses the characteristics of the words rather than the words themselves. Maybe I’ll do something different next year….


  3. Well, aren’t you the organized one and I enjoyed your theme. Excellent idea, John, and thank you for sharing those links. Some I know and some I don’t and it’s always good to find new ones.


  4. I’m always impressed with the level of commitment it takes to lay out this sort of strategy. Well done, John!


  5. I’m amazed at how well you can keep up with so many. I looked some of these up….they are all quite interesting..love the women photographers


    1. I’m happy you enjoyed my theme. I generally do this kind of wordplay. It’s like not having a theme, which might be my theme next year…


  6. Thanks for the highlights of the bloggers you found interesting. Some I was following too but now I have some new ones to check out. Great recap!


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