Song of the day: Harmonica Fats, “Tore Up (Over You)”


Harvey “Harmonica Fats” Blackston was born in Louisiana in 927, and at 19 he moved to Los Angeles to work. While there, he mastered the blues harmonica while he recuperating from an auto accident. He recorded a cover of Hank Ballard’s “Tore Up” in 1962 and it became a regional hit, reached the “bubbling up” portion of the Hot 100 at #102, and established him as a touring musician.

10 thoughts on “Song of the day: Harmonica Fats, “Tore Up (Over You)”

  1. I’m going to ask my brother if he heard of this guy but I’m certain he has. I enjoyed listening to this


      1. There you go making me look up words again! I think my embouchure was affected when I had facial reconstruction surgery for TMJ issues. Never got total feeling back in my chin and bottom lip.


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