Song of the Day: Carey Bell, “Last Night”


I’ve spoken of Biddy Mulligan’s several times in the past. That was the bar on the far north side of Chicago (close enough to Loyola to walk, barely) that featured blues artists every weekend. One of the acts was the Bob Riedy Blues Band. Bob played the piano and had a small group of regular musicians, and would have two or three guest stars every weekend. One of those guest stars was harmonica player Carey Bell. Carey came to Chicago in the ’50’s and learned some harmonica from the Walters: Little Walter and Big Walter Horton (also known as Walter “Shakey” Horton). Here, he plays Little Walter’s “Last Night.”

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Carey Bell, “Last Night”

  1. Oh this is so smooth and sexy. I don’t know why but I often picture 2 people dancing like from Dancing With The Stars. It’s excellent


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