Share Your World for May 11, 2020

Time once again for another edition of Share Your World! You know the deal: Melanie, who has all the rules over at her place, asks some questions, to which I (and the other participants) give our answers. And awayyyyyyy we go!

Do you have a favorite kind of tree? No, but I have a few favorite trees: the willow oak outside my office window, the magnolia in front of the house, the sugar maple that used to live on the front lawn when I lived at home, and the elm that used to be outside our front window in Chicago. A friend of mine (now tragically deceased) once said that he liked looking out the window at it.

What bridges are you happy you burned? With my long-time employer. Long story I don’t want to get into.

Would you sacrifice yourself (die) for a stranger? No.

How have your priorities changed since the C-19 virus took over? They haven’t. Before, they were God, Family, Self; now, they’re God, Family, Self. I haven’t allowed the C-19 virus to rearrange my priorities.

See you in the funny papers!

16 thoughts on “Share Your World for May 11, 2020

  1. I love a good solid Oak tree and I do love the Willow..until I ran through the leaves once and started getting bitten on my scalp by tons of ants. I also love my Cherry blossom tree. Bridges burned….so-called friends that I would do so much for but they ended up being nasty or undermining. It has taken years but i now refuse to deal with someone who has “issues”. I agree with you about the No part but I have not been in any position where my life might be in question to save another I don’t know. life has not really changed that much with this virus. I can’t go shopping and I work from home but that’s about it. Personally, I think if we had not stayed in and continue, a lot more people would have died. Besides. maybe this is a wake up call for how poorly the long term care homes are managed, many of us could continue to work from homes which means less traffic, less gas and that we don’t need all that stuff people buy. We don’t need to go out 4 times a week for dinner like so many do. Who knows…


    1. We had a cherry blossom tree when we first moved here, but as with all ornamental trees, it didn’t last more than about ten years and we ended up cutting it down. Ditto the redbud and the Japanese maples. We also took down the pines that we had at the back of the property when we heard about how much damage they could cause if they fell on the house…

      Our traffic is lousy even on a good rush hour. Why so many businesses insist that their employees get dressed and spend an hour or more in traffic each way to sit in an office and do work that they could just as easily do from home with a good Internet connection. Those are managers that have definite control issues…


  2. Thanks John for Sharing Your World with us!! That tree question was perhaps badly couched. It should have read “What’s Your Favorite Tree(S)? ” 😆 The majority of responses have included multiple trees. Some interesting ones in the mix too! Sequoias, black locust, jaracanda are among the more unusual ones. Thanks for adding your own list to them! 🙂 The burnt bridge with employer on it probably is too personal for actual details, it was more than sufficient to say “with a former employer”. Some of us have those sorts of stories in our cupboards too and why rehash something bad like that? Good answer! Like you, my routine was a mostly ‘stay at home alone’ (you’re not alone, but you do have routine) and C-19 didn’t even dent it. I’m luckier than most though. Thanks again John!


  3. There is a gorgeous tree directly outside our balcony and I have no idea what kind of tree it is. I enjoy watching its changes during the seasons. We stay home most of the time so life hasn’t changed much for us.


  4. The sugar maple in front of the house was taken down at some point in the last 5 years. Based on the prominent new sewer clean out installed in the middle of the front yard, I suspect the sewer line killed the tree or the tree killed the sewer line and one had to go.

    I make the trip once every year or two just to see how things look. Honestly, I wish the house had just been torn down during the housing boom as it is unchanged in 20 years (meaning nothing has been replaced, updated, or refreshed.) Thank God for memories.


    1. I think the tree was starting to show its age twenty years ago. I remember it was losing its leaves earlier every year. Did Mom have the apple tree in the back yard taken out? I should remember, but I don’t…

      Considering how little Mom did to the house when we lived there, the house is probably like a time capsule. I think the guy that bought it from us updated the kitchen and that’s about all.


      1. The apple tree was removed way back when. There was a small maple that was growing immediate outside your old room that Mom had transplanted to the middle of the backyard in the very early 90’s. She called it “Cash’s Tree” and it was small. When the house was put up for sale again in ‘03, I went to an open house. Looking out the living room window, Cash’s Tree has grown exponentially and the canopy had blocked out all the sun killing all the grass. Again, thank God for memories!


        1. Okay, now I remember. That little maple was growing outside my old room? Mom never told me that. Grew in a hurry, didn’t it? We used to play catch in the back yard. Guess we couldn’t do that any more, could we? As you said, thank God for memories…


    1. Exactly. If anything, maintaining the same priorities is the way to cope with it. I’m lucky in that I didn’t have to worry about a job loss or any other major change. I had to sit at home, of course, but that’s about what I do now as it is…

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