Song of the Day: Lee Ritenour, “St. Bart’s”


Like Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour has done considerable session work, starting back in the ’60’s on an album by The Mamas & The Papas when he was just 16. He recorded his first solo album, First Course, in 1976 and recorded 31 albums since, including projects with Dave Grusin and Larry Carlton. This from his 1990 album Stolen Moments, an original called “St. Bart’s.”

9 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Lee Ritenour, “St. Bart’s”

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I can’t tell which ones will play elsewhere in the world (and don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to have their things play outside their country).

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      1. No I’ve complained to YouTube about not being aqble to predict where something will play (did not even get a response). I wouldn’t mind so much if it was brand new material but often these are 60yo songs.


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