Elevators and YouTube #socs

Image by Suppadeth wongyee from Pixabay

You want to know what I’ve been listening to lately? Elevator music. Seriously: there’s a guy on YouTube who calls himself Fardemark who has been posting “rare easy listening recordings, particularly the Seeburg 1000 background music records.” The nice thing about them is that they provide slightly more interesting background noise. I mentioned a couple of months ago that I’ve also been listening to the production music that the guy who runs the YouTube channel Raw & Real Retail adds to his videos of walks through shopping malls.

While I’m on the subject of elevators and YouTube, I read an article yesterday (note that I’m writing this yesterday) about some of the hottest videos on YouTube: elevator reviews. Yes, there are guys who review elevators and post the reviews to YouTube. Back in the days when I delivered the Chicago Daily News in a few buildings that had elevators, we used to play in the elevators, occasionally getting stuck in them as a result. But really, they’re interesting to me. And no, it’s not all the time that I’ve been spending at home that has me watching these videos; I’m just weird…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. And now a word from Budweiser. When you say Budweiser, you’ve said it all!

I don’t remember commercials where they’ve actually used the full name in the slogan. It was usually just “Bud.” I guess Ed McMahon was feeling in a formal mood that day…

25 thoughts on “Elevators and YouTube #socs

  1. I still have an 8 track of One Stormy Night that a friend from Chicago gave me around 1976. I enjoy listening to “elevator music” and the like. IN the sixties one of my favorite Knoxville FM stations was WEZK which would be frequently piped in to offices in the area. There wasn’t much to be found on FM back then, but I liked the lack of commercials and talk and the music wasn’t that bad to my ears either.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. “Beautiful Music,” right? Mom used to listen to one of the three or four Beautiful Music stations in Chicago. The only time I can remember the music stopping was when they’d run their weekly EBS test. They had commercials, but they all seemed to include music.


  2. Very interesting … I always learn something new when I stop here to see what you’re up to. Elevator reviews … and the music in them. Is that a thing in Chicago? The elevators that I’ve been on, I guess mostly in hospitals, don’t have music. They wouldn’t get much of a review, I guess?


    1. The elevator reviews are separate from the elevator music. The reviews are generally what condition they’re in, whether the buttons work, do they make any kinds of weird noises, stuff like that. There are a bunch of Muzak recordings on YouTube as well. Seeburg and Muzak are similar…

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      1. Oy, yeah, that makes sense. In a weird way, everytime I do get on an elevator, I look at those aspects as I wait for the door to open and set me free. I’ll check out the music – I do like nice background music. Thank you for clarifying!


  3. Oh my gosh, I love that elevator music soundtrack. It’s a hoot. but I also like his rainy day one as well. I love the sound of rain – very soothing πŸ™‚

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    1. I sleep every night to the sound of rain and thunder. It helps with my tinnitus. I really like noise generators. Some of my faves are the ones by Tmsoft–they have them for the iPhone (not sure about Android), and they have a podcast and a YouTube channel with a lot of their sounds.

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