The Mid-May Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Mr. Potato Head and his new pals, Mr. Potato Bird, Mr. Potato Fish, and Mr. Potato Bug!

I’m old enough to remember when you used your own potato. Mr. Potato Head was a profoundly weird toy.

I’m not quite as stir-crazy as I was at this time last week, because we got out a little this week. I think it had been a couple of weeks before I had been out of the house and I was all, “Wow…so this is outside!” Still, it’s whetted my appetite for more excursions outside. Slowly but surely things are opening here, which I think will do wonders for the general mental health of all concerned here. Anyway, here’s the summary for the week.

I started a new Battle of the Bands on Friday, two songs named “The Black Rose” when the name is translated from another language. The contestants are Thin Lizzy and Gary Hoey. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, so be sure and get your vote in by then.

We featured songs about Mom and family, since Sunday was Mother’s Day.

I answered questions about my favorite kind of tree, what bridges I’m happy to have burned, whether I’d sacrifice my life for a stranger, and how my priorities have changed due to Covid-19.

Steely Dan was this week’s featured artist.

Shared a thought about Mother’s Day.

I talked about binge-watching Home Run Derby, which I’ve been watching since there isn’t any baseball yet this season.

We visited Radio Veronica and played their Top 10 from May 14, 1966.

We were to use the word “want” as the first, second or third word of our post and take it from there. I discussed my current favorite YouTubes, elevator music and elevator reviews.

Tomorrow, look for a post on the A to Z Challenge blog about the upcoming A to Z Road Trip. If you didn’t get a chance to visit many people during the Challenge itself, this is a golden opportunity to visit the blogs you missed. Look for details tomorrow. As for here, all the regular features will be back.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

7 thoughts on “The Mid-May Week That Was

  1. I had to chuckle at “Mr. Potato Head was a profoundly weird toy” because it was. Of course we had to get one for our oldest because we had one growing up. The latter version was plastic everything not like ours with the felt eyelashes, eye brows, and mustache. Same short lived novelty. Good memory though.


    1. Jay Leno had this thing about “how do you explain to a starving child that the potato is a toy?” I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but he was absolutely right.

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