Song of the Day: Vince Guaraldi, “Mr. Lucky”


Mr. Lucky was a TV series that ran on CBS in the United States during the 1959-1960 season. It was developed by Blake Edwards, and by now you should know, if Edwards is involved, Henry Mancini will be as well. Mancini wrote the theme for the series, and it became a jazz standard after that. Vince Guaraldi covered it on his 1964 album The Latin Side of Vince Guaraldi.

6 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Vince Guaraldi, “Mr. Lucky”

  1. Reminds me of his other Latin-style stuff – very nice. I’d never heard of the show or this theme. Thanks for introducing me to it. John.


    1. His next album was “Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus,” an excellent collection of songs from the movie as well as “Cast Your Fate To The Wind,” as close to a big hit as he ever had. Haven’t heard from you in a while, how’ve you been?


    1. I think it plays on one of the nostalgia networks, or it did, anyway. I’ve never seen it, but I’d like to. I read yesterday that the show took a sharp turn at about midseason, from Lucky running a casino to running a restaurant, because Lever Brothers, the sponsor, didn’t want to sponsor a show that showed gambling in the wake of the quiz show scandal…

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