An Observation Of Mine #1LinerWeds

Had my annual physical today (I’m doing this on Tuesday) and dutifully wore a mask (and felt like a total dork). While I was waiting for the doctor, this thought crossed my mind. By the way, did you hear Coke is going to bring back “new Coke” as a different product (which is probably what they should have done to start with)?

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. And now, here’s Max Headroom for New Coke. Catch the wave!

23 thoughts on “An Observation Of Mine #1LinerWeds

  1. If it makes you feel any better every single person wearing a mask feels like a dork. I’m certain of it. Even pro-mask enthusiasts (of which I am one, better safe than sorry, any little bit helps with this much of an unknown and all that) feel incredibly dorky as we comply. Knowing we’re all looking nerdy makes it a little more…”we’re all in this together”ish?


    1. There’s a theory that Coca-Cola Inc. did it on purpose as a way to stir up more interest in what became Coca-Cola Classic, but other sources say that Coke was losing market share and it was done to make the drink taste more like Pepsi. Personally, I never drink the stuff, so I couldn’t tell you…

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  2. I dutifully wore my stupid mask when I went to the store today. Rebelliously I wore it under my nose (I wasn’t the only one doing that). The mask true believers are not thinking very logically in my opinion. I mean, really, are there actually any more disease causing microbes in the air now than anytime in the past? The likelihood of catching COVID is probably similar to lottery odds where a bunch of people win small amounts and a handful win the bigger prizes. I’d rather be comfortable and living the real normal than to live in fear and be confined in some way. I doubt that I’ll catch COVID and if I do then maybe I should wear a mask to the convenience store and buy some lottery tickets.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. The doctor’s office made it clear that if I didn’t have a mask, they would give one to me to wear. My doctor said that he personally had only seen three Covid patients and that the whole practice (where there are about eight doctors and two nurse practitioners) only saw six, only one person died (an 85-year-old woman with respiratory issues) and one other ended up on a respirator when he ended up in the ER (more because the doctor in the ER overreacted; he was good enough to go home after that). Nationwide, there have been 1.7 million cases (in a nation of 330 million), and we still haven’t crossed the 100,000 mark in deaths (many of which might have been through other means), and both have slowed down tremendously. I don’t mean to downplay the seriousness (100,000 deaths is tragic, and the ones that recovered went through hell in some cases), but it seems that the probabilities were much lower than anticipated. I’m sending Mary to the store to pick up some Powerball tickets if I get it…


  3. I live on Long Island a/k/a Covid Central. I had an appointment with my primary care physician two weeks ago. Strange to see him wearing mask, gloves and a paper gown in his office. I didn’t ask him how many of his patients have had Covid. I really didn’t want to know. FYI he tested me for Covid antibodies, seems I have the antibodies but was asymptomatic.

    I had a tele medical appointment with a specialist in March, and the doctor told me that he dreaded going over to the hospital, that the ER reminded him of that scene on Gone With the Wind where the doctor is overwhelmed by the sheer number of wounded soldiers after Atlanta falls…

    Scary world we live in.


  4. Im Glad you wore the mask. There was a study done with mice. They made a giant mask and placed it over the mice cage. They sprayed the COVID19 Virus over the mouse house. I don’t know how many mice were in their home, but only 2 contracted the virus. The scientists now state that wearing the mask is 75% effective. Too bad they did not state this 3 months ago when they were claiming the opposite. Think about it, whenever you are going for surgery or you are infected with whatever, the doctors, nurses and guests all are told to wear a mask as a preventative measure. As for New Coke…it needs to stay old and forgotten


    1. Dr. Fauci, the so-called scientific guru we’ve been relying on, was saying that at first. The guy is loaded with contradictions, but he’s a Scientist and thus can’t be questioned…


        1. I think I saw that California has had a year’s worth of suicides just in the past month, and they’re attributed to the lockdown there, which to me is totally unreasonable (I think LA county is shut down until August). People need their lives back…


    1. It can’t come soon enough! My doctor works in a pretty busy practice, and I asked him yesterday how many Covid-19 patients he had seen. He personally had three, the practice as a whole had six. One death, an 85-year-old woman with other respiratory conditions; one ended up on a respirator for one night because the ER doctor panicked. Doesn’t sound like much of a pandemic to me…

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