Writer’s Workshop: Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

That’s such a cheery, bouncy little song, isn’t it? And yet, when I heard it, I got real emotional and sad. Why? Because I missed the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. OK, not really the other two, but definitely the sunshine.

I’m inside most of the time anyway, but Mary usually got me out several times a week. Then Covid-19 hit and we were told to stay inside, lest we become infected. Even if we did go out, it was usually to an appointment, like my checkup last week. Sure, Georgia was the last state to order us to stay in and the first to start reopening things, but most of our excursions have involved sitting in the car. Fresh air and sunlight are two of the best ways to kill the virus, and we weren’t getting enough.

I can’t help but think that all of the civil unrest we’re experiencing now was exacerbated by being locked in our homes all that time. Spending hours on end watching TV is no good for us, just like it was no good for us when we were 12. No wonder Mom threw us out of the house at 9 and told us not to come home until lunch, then after lunch we were told not to come home until dinner.

I’ve you’ve been coopee up in the house, now is a good time to go out and get some frsh air and sunshine. Restock that vitamin D.

23 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

  1. I agree. The lockdowns and resulting stress has contributed to the current unrest. Not that a policeman kneeling on a person’s neck wouldn’t cause unrest anyway, but it’s like throwing salt on a wound. I hope you’re able to get out more!


  2. I’m always more of a fan of rainy days than sunny ones, but I have really been enjoying the sunshine when I can, especially since Covid. I never stayed indoors during quarantine, just went outdoors at my home, as my family doesn’t share any common space with anyone else. But you could be onto something. Being cooped up indoors all day and night, whether you’re watching tv or not, is definitely not good for us. And this is coming from someone who watches a LOT of tv.



    1. We got out today (I had to be tested for Covid-19 before my colonoscopy on Tuesday), stayed out for a couple of hours and it’s really made all the difference in the world for me. I wasn’t sleeping well at all, but I imagine I’ll sleep like an infant tonight…


  3. Wow…Lesley Gore! I needed to hear this. The song will now run through my head for hours. Maybe days. I might even play it when I hit the walking path later for a 4 mile trek.

    Not necessarily a bad thing at this point in time.

    Stay safe!


  4. I loved Leslie Gore! Back in the day, I was told I looked like her. This is one of my favorite songs by her – great video, btw. We’ve been spending time outside on our balcony where we get fresh air and plenty of sunshine. Also, we live in a gated community, which makes for a pleasant walk without a crowd. We stay busy doing things at home. We live in an apartment complex and have considered moving many times, but with all that is going on, we are in a good place – a great location and safe. We’re lucky to have an Amazon hub in our complex where deliveries are placed in a locker for the residents. Voila!


  5. I started jogging a few times a week and you’re so right. The fresh air, physical effort and just breaking away from the noise of the household is something I look forward to now. Even if you could just set up a couple of chairs outside of your front door, the fresh air feels good!


    1. We have a whole-house fan, and on a good day (one that isn’t too hot and humid) we open all the windows and turn it on for a while. It’s like getting all the crud out of the house….


  6. It finally showed up here. Utah is known for summer time high temperatures, but this year? They stayed in the low 70s and sometimes the 50s. Lotta rain. That is my best loved scenario (I should live somewhere like Seattle), but it’s mighty odd. Finally this week we’ve begun to get sunshine every day. High temperatures (for me). I admit to noticing a slight mood elevation because of the exposure too! Our moms knew what they were talking about! Enjoy the sunshine, buy yourself a lollipop and draw a rainbow for viewing! Cheers John!


    1. The temperatures don’t bother me as much as the humidity, and when you get one, you get both here. Atlanta’s at the base of the Piedmont range of the Appalachians and in the basin of the Chattahoochee River, so we get it pretty heavy here. Mary says she goes into hibernation when it gets like that…


  7. We make it a point to get in the car and take a ride every day for about an hour or two. We have a nice forest preserve next to us that is a pleasant place to sit and watch ducks, boaters and unsuccessful fisherpeople. We don’t get out of the car unless there is no one around. It really helps one’s frame of mind.


  8. I was furloughed from work at the end of March, and mostly I’ve only been out for an hour or so with the dog. I’ve been to a shop twice, I met one friend in a park last week and I’m meeting another next week. But that’s been all. I’m lucky that I’ve had a lot of writing and writing-related stuff to keep me occupied, but it’s very easy to realise you’re letting the outside disappear. If I didn’t have the dog to walk, I may not have had fresh air for weeks!

    Glad you’re staying safe.


    1. I cdon’t know if you ever saw the movie Beetlejuice, but this young couple who have died and are now haunting their old house try at one point to walk outside their home and discover they can’t. I kind of feel that way sometimes…

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  9. I do believe that the unrest is partially…..only partially caused by the social distancing we should still be doing. Obviously all the people gathering in protest to what happened to this man are not practicing social distancing and no one is talking about that! This problem, that is always stirring in the U.S. comes out when something this disgusting happens. From the time of slavery, pushing the African Americans into the slums where they do not have the same education, and benefits the white Americans get just fuels this constant fire underground and it come out when we see this. The song is fun and sweet and this was made during the very turbulent 1960s. Maybe we need this now. During the Great Depression musicals were huge right into WW2. We need fluff to get through these tough times.


  10. Hi John – yes she had a lovely voice … and that was a fun clip. I haven’t been doing much – but I can get out … and as it’s been sunny – appreciated the warmth as I walked around. I can imagine you’re both slightly doing your nut – I’m glad I’ve got the blog … keeps me on a sensible line … and given me time to do things – but being cooped up must be challenging … all the best to you both – Hilary


    1. Lesley Gore was a good singer and very perky and fun to watch. I saw her live a number of years ago and she put on a good show despite the band not working well with her. Hang in there…


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