I’m A Fan Of Fans #socs

An effective nighttime noisemaker. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

By now everyone knows that I sleep with white noise going on all night. Up until the other night, I had been using sounds of rain and thunderstorms, but I decided to change things up this week and went with the sounds of different fans, and enjoy those almost as well. At some point, maybe I should just put a fan in the bedroom, but I need the noise more than the air circulation. I have a ceiling fan for the latter.

When I was younger, in the days before we had air conditioning (it was available, we just didn’t have it), we had a big, noisy fan that we’d put in the window during the summer. Mom always set it to blow out rather than in, thinking that blowing the heat of the house out was better than blowing the heat from the outside in. Theoretically, it was a good idea. In practice, not so much. When we moved to an apartment with an air conditioner, Mom put the fan in the window on the back porch with us and closed the doors while she sat in air-conditioned comfort. When we’d get hot enough, we’d open the doors and walk out, and we’d be freezing. Sometimes we were on the back porch and set it to blow into the room, and Mom would come in and change it back. Mothers are like that (yeah, they are).

There’s a fan in just about every computer, even the real thin ones, to keep the components cool. They get dusty after a while, and when things start going haywire, one of the things they tell you to do is to clean the fan. I just got my desktop computer back after a week, and I assume they did that.

A few years ago, we had some improvements made to both bathrooms, which included replacing both exhaust fans, which frankly weren’t doing a whole lot. The guy who replaced them discovered one possible reason why they weren’t: the previous owners had put insulation in the attic and covered both of them…

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25 thoughts on “I’m A Fan Of Fans #socs

  1. It’s funny to think about how fans were such a part of life up through the 70s or so.

    We had an ancient International Harvester window air conditioner, but it used so much electricity that we mostly used a Lau box fan until the house became pretty much unbearable. That AC unit also stuck out over the sidewalk between the house and garage, leading to a couple of bike/head/AC encounters by yours truly. Dad eventually cut a hole in the side of the house and mounted a newer window unit up high, which we ran a lot more.

    My brother-in-law had a complicated airflow system for summers in Wisconsin. In the late evening, he’d open one set of windows, close others, and strategically place window fans to blow out hot air and bring in cooler outside air. In the morning,he’d close everything up, and the coolness would last most of the day. In the late afternoon, when the house air finally got too warm, he or my sister would open different windows and place the fans differently. When there was a breeze (or wind, on thunderstorm days), they would do something else entirely, depending on wind direction. When I visited, I just smiled and stayed out of the way during the opening/closing ceremonies. 🙂


    1. When I was living at home in Northfield, the living room was set up with a window unit installed in the wall. The control portion was in a cabinet in a corner at floor level, and was strong enough to cool the back end of the house. We had a second window unit in Mom’s bedroom that took care of the front end. My room was always warm for whatever reason, mostly because I kept the door closed and the window open…

      How long did it take your brother-in-law to figure out the configuration of windows and fans? Must have been quite a feat…


      1. He was always tinkering with the setup, trying to improve it, so I don’t think he ever completely figured it out. It worked pretty well, though — they never did get air conditioning.

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  2. In my old apartment, there was dead silence, so I too needed a fan on low. It helped drown out my tinnitus, a bit. But luckily here, there’s built-in white noise from a waterfall outside that (I assume) was installed to cover the sounds of the busy boulevard. Works for me!


        1. A couple of good YouTube channels if you like rain and traffic noise are TexasHighDef and yogaduke. It’s actually the same guy that runs both, but he has a lot of videos of him driving through rain and sitting in his carport capturing video of the traffic going down the street. There are some long form ones (8-10 hours, a whole night’s worth).

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    1. We have a whole-house fan that lives in the attic, and on the three or four days during the year that we can actually use it (when it’s not too hot and/or humid), we open all the windows and turn it on for a while. It’s nice because it sucks all the “old” air out and “new”air in. We’re also fans of ceiling fans…


    1. There are dehumidifiers, but they’re generally just good for one room and don’t make things that much more comfortable. Remember when places would advertise that it was air conditioned? Kool cigarettes had signs that said “Come in where it’s Kool”…

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  3. We had a box fan for the window too. Then we graduated to a swap cooler or almost air conditioner as us kids would call it. When we got a window unit A/C in 1970 something, we thought we hit the big times. Of course it was rarely turned on to save electricity. Great post and lovely memories “Mothers are like that (yeah, they are)” lol – one line that makes my day …


    1. The thing with air conditioner was that they would pull so much electrical power that if you didn’t have a separate electrical line, you’d spend the summer running down to the basement to replace fuses because someone would invariably forget and plug in a coffeepot or something…

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  4. Hi John – yes in the hot days … I used to take a cardigan or jacket with me to wear indoors … how funny about the fans … and now glad that sort of white sound is working for you. I for some reason have the radio on all night – no idea why, but it’s now habit – and am happy with no noise during the day! Stay safe – Hilary


    1. I used to listen to the radio at night, too. I had a bookcase built into the headboard of my bed and kept the radio in one of the compartments, so I could have it on quietly and still hear it. It was good when the White Sox were playing on the West Coast and the games didn’t start until 10 PM Chicago time. Sunday nights were always difficult because many of the stations would go off the air at midnight and I’d have to tune up and down the dial until I found a station that carried music at that hour. I usually found one. Sometimes it’d be in Milwaukee or Cincinnati….


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