The Much-Faster Week That Was

This editionm of The Week That Was is brought to you by new Bonus extra flavor gum, with extra flavor nuggets, to keep your mind as busy as your mouth!

I don’t remember that one. Anyone?

Got my computer back yesterday, and it’s running much faster now. I went from 4 GB of memory to 16 GB, and replaced the 500 GB hard drive with a 1 TB solid state drive. It now runs at least as fast as my laptop. I’m quite pleased.

Tuesday is when I have the colonoscopy I was scheduled to have back in March. I’m trying to get as much blog writing out of the way before then, because I’m not sure how I’ll feel when it’s all over. The prep is far worse than the actual procedure, or so they tell me. I’ll be happy to just get it out of the way. The good news is that I probably won’t have to have another one, unless they find something. Pray that they don’t.

Here, then, is the summary for the week.

If you want to vote in my latest Battle, between Al Green, Blondie, and Chris Montez, all of whom do different songs called “Call Me,” be sure you get your vote by first thing tomorrow, as I’ll be tallying the votes and naming the winner then. There are no limits on who can vote (other than those who have already voted; hey, this ain’t Chicago).

Last Sunday, I wrote a post explaining which WordPress editors are staying and which are being retired, because there was a lot of confusion and consternation. I expressed my opinion to the kind folks at Automattic (the folks who make WordPress happen), in my grand old Irish way, in case you’re interested in reading it. I wonder if I’ll get a response. I’m not holding my breath.

Not knowing what else to do, I decided to let YouTube pick some tunes on Freebie Day. The results wre better than I expected.

Answered questions on whether it’s ever OK to commit a crime, whether or not I deal with change well, whether I like birds, and the least-used item of clothing I own. Melanie, in her infinite wisdom, made sure that the change she meant was modified circumstances rather than pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, because she knew some smartass (and I think we all know who that is) would choose the latter meaning.

Pablo Cruise was our yacht rocker. Their hits were great, and their album tracks weren’t bad, either.

I shared another of those situations where being a wise guy can get one in trouble.

Using the prompt to write a post based on the word “sunshine,” I discussed how many of us have been in the house too long and that we all need to get out in the sunshine.

We returned to Allentown, Pennsylvania and radio station WAEB to examine their Top 10 from June 4, 1978. It was almost disco-free.

The prompt was “fan,” and since I like fans, I talked about them. Fans make great noise to sleep to, if you’re having trouble sleeping.

I will do my level best to not let Tuesday’s “festivities” screw things up too badly, but it’s probably going to be my standard fare for the week.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. Hi John – well it’s good they’ve rescheduled for Tuesday … and I’m sure all will be well – and after some discomfort you’ll be back at your blog writing again. I hadn’t seen the ad … but I’m glad the computer guys didn’t take a break! So pleased it’s working better … all the best and stay safe – Hilary


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