Share Your World for June 8, 2020

How’s everyone’s Monday going? Time once again for Share Your World! Melanie asks the questions, and we provide the answers. Here are today’s questions.

How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people? I was a trainer for over 15 years, so it comes as second nature to me.

What would be the best thing you could reasonably expect to find in a cave? A vein of gold.

What did you think was going to be amazing but turned out to be horrible? Mary and I went to visit friends (in Minnesota, as it so happens). I called them to let them know when we’d be arriving, and Greg, who had been in the pipe band with me, says “Hey, John, remember when we were kids and we’d sit in front of the TV on Saturday morning, watching cartoons and eating Lucky Charms? Let’s do that!” I was seriously excited about that. On the way to their house after they picked us up, we went to the store and bought a box of Lucky Charms and a gallon of milk. Saturday morning arrived, and Greg and I got up, poured ourselves a bowl of cereal with milk, then went to watch the cartoons. We both took a bite of the cereal, looked at each other, and said “This tastes like crap.” We put the TV on and couldn’t find any good cartoons, either. We did manage to finish the box (it wasn’t that big) and watched some stupid cartoon, but it wasn’t the same.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve observed someone get upset about? I’m sure this was back in 1974, because I was at Gingiss Formalwear renting a tuxedo for prom. This guy (maybe in his 30’s or 40’s) came in with a red, white, and blue top hat that he had pressured the clerk into selling him the week before (it was a prop that had been sitting on a mannequin’s head), and wanted to return it. When he was told by the clerk (who had been the one to sell it to him) that he was told at the time he bought it that it couldn’t be returned, the guy got incensed. “What the hell am I supposed to do with it, then?” the guy demanded. They argued back and forth for almost fifteen minutes, and finally the guy stomps out of the store with his hat. It was all I could do to keep from busting out laughing…

See you in the funny papers!

15 thoughts on “Share Your World for June 8, 2020

  1. You made me laugh at your Lucky Charms moment. It is pure sugar and there are no more great cartoons on like Scooby-Doo Doo and Bugs Bunny. I used to be afraid to speak in front of people due to my shyness but I worked on it and now I have no problem but I still get a few butterflies. Right now I can’t think of anything that I got really disappointed in. I know it happened but just don’t remember. I would love to find diamonds…that would be cool. As for people getting upset….I have seen people get really angry that they had to use the debit. I think the worse is where my niece works. She works at the Bulk Barn, a place one goes in an d can scoop anything from candy to flour to spices. Since the COVID19 pandemic, people can not freely take what they want, they must have one of the employees go with them and the employee scoops what they want. I don’t think that is a bad thing, well, my poor niece has been yelled at, pushed, spat upon plus more. It’s disgusting


    1. Being pushed and spat upon is battery. Just thought I’d mention it.

      I was a big “Underdog” and “Tennessee Tuxedo” fan, myself…


  2. I enjoyed the Lucky Charms commercials as the nod to my heritage but the taste was 🤢. Cornflakes for me.


  3. Thanks John for Sharing Your World! As to the Lucky Charms? Well maybe the lesson was that ‘one can’t go home again ((nor enjoy the stuff one did as a kid))? I love the sugary cereals from my childhood (I’m with the lady up there who said Cpt’n Crunch is the ONE ❤ but I can’t eat those much any more. And these days? I eat ’em dry. Milk isn’t my friend any longer. The hat scenario made me wonder if the size of the hat was a wee bit too tight and cut off the circulation to that fellow’s common sense?? 😆 You were a trainer in your day? What an interesting career! You have my admiration, as I could NEVER do something like that unless it were on a one-on-one basis (which I did many times). A group? No way Jose!


    1. The Holton boys liked the sugary cereals, too. Mostly the Kellogg’s ones (Cocoa Krispies, Sugar Pops, Sugar Smacks, Sugar Frosted Flakes). Of course, now it’s mostly oatmeal for me in the morning. Dietary fiber is a good thing.

      My guess is that the guy didn’t have much common sense to begin with.

      Being a trainer was so easy for me after a while that it became dull. I should have known then that it was time to find a new job…


  4. Some of those childhood memories can be disappointing in real time. I think they have the fuzzy sweet cloud of childhood magic surrounding them. 🙂


    1. Probably. My mother used to speak fondly about something her mother made with spaghetti noodles, canned tomatoes, and Velveeta cheese and decided to have her sisters over for a dinner of it (she invited her brother, who refused, saying “that stuff was horrible!”) She tried to feed itr to us, too. By the end of the evening the bulk of that was in the trash, and she called her brother to tell him that yes, it was horrible…


    1. I know… People from where I gew up had an attitude that if you complained loud and long enough, people who run stores will give you your money back just to get rid of you…


  5. We used to carry high quality Uncle Sam Hats at the wholesale costume company I managed for many years. They were pricey–$55 wholesale when I left there in 2009–so they probably were quite marked up for retail. Standard policy on hats is “no return”.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I used to work at a department store and remember hats couldn’t be returned, nor underwear unless it was in the original package. I mean, that’s SOP for the clothing business, and stores that sell hats make it clear “no returns.” Apparently the guy was told he couldn’t return it when they sold it to him, too. I think his wife was giving him hell about it (“Why’d you go and waste $20 on THAT? Return it!”)


  6. My Monday is almost over – the workday is over, I’ve come home, eaten some dinner, had a beer, balanced my checkbook, and I feel like I was actually pretty productive. Ready to face tomorrow!

    Funny about the Lucky Charms – I’ve always liked them, especially eating all the marshmallows in the bowl first. But Cap’n Crunch was always my jam! I’m surprised you didn’t still like the Lucky Charms, but our tastes do change as we get older, so it shouldn’t surprise me all that much. And I haven’t seen Saturday morning cartoons since the 80s. I used to go visit my Papaw Miller on Saturdays, and he’d sit in his chair reading the paper or a Western novel while I watched Justice League and Scooby Doo. Then we’d both watch Mid South Wrestling (out of Memphis, TN).

    I keep meaning to get in on this meme/hop, but never think about it when I can actually write.



    1. I think they changed the formula for Lucky Charms, actually. That way, when you call them and complain, they can swear that it’s you and not the cereal… Kind of like the airlines when you complain about the width of the seats and amount of leg room you used to have…


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