The Mid-June 2020 Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by new, better-tasting Gravy Train dog food!

What I want to know is, how do they know it tastes better?

Started out as a rough week, with my colonoscopy this past Tuesday, but now it’s all behind me (so to speak) and clear sailing from here. I haven’t heard about the biopsy of the polyps they found, but they didn’t seem worried. Everyting is settling down now, so anyway…

I’ve decided to shake things up a little and make a couple of changes to the features on the blog. In effect I’ll be swapping Two for Tuesday and The Friday 5×2. Tuesday will become Top Ten Tuesday, and will feature a radio station survey from the days when radio stations did weekly surveys. Five on Friday will be the same thing as Two for Tuesday, with three more songs. The current series on Yacht Rock will continue, only on Friday. The changes will be effective on July 6, 2020, and I’ll remind you then

Here’s the summary for the week.

In the battle of songs called “Call Me,” Blondie won over Al Green and Chris Montez.

I produced a list of 15 songs whose name starts with the letter “J,” for your listening enjoyment.

Questions included whether I would feel comfortable speaking to a large group, the best thing I could find in a cave, something I thought would be awesome but turned out awwful, and the silliest thing I ever saw someone get upset over.

Gino Vannelli was the featured artist.

My one-liner reflected the sort of ordeal this year has been.

I talked about my last date, which followed my medical appointment Tuesday morning. We like to combine business and pleasure.

We visited WRRA in Ithaca, New York and examined their Top 10 from June 1955.

Our prompt was “nail,” and I taklked about, among other things, fingerstyle guitarists who play with their fingernails versus guitarists that play with the pads of their fingers.

It’ll be a typical week here; I don’t plan on doing anything too complicated. But you never know. We will have a Battle of the Bands tomorrow, and M4 is a freebie, for which I have a pretty good idea. Beyond that, who knows?

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And that’s a wrap on this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “The Mid-June 2020 Week That Was

  1. Whew You are busy and I BET you’re rarely, if ever, bored!! Thanks for the nod too! I’ll have to drop in and listen to the jukebox….. Thanks John!


    1. I do a lot of music here: a daily Song of the Day, Monday’s Music Moves Me, currently Two for Tuesday and The Friday 5×2 (soon to become Top Ten Tuesday and Five For Friday), and the occasions when I can throw a tune or two in.


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