Share Your World for June 15, 2020

Time once again for Share Your World! Go check Melanie’s blog for the rules and questions.

What do you think of professional motivational speakers? Do you think they motivate? There are a lot of “motivational speakers” who don’t motivate, most of whom are living in vans down by the river…

(Chris Farley said that he has a friend named Matt Foley, who’s a priest.)

I’ve seen some good ones, though, and yes, they motivate plenty.

Do you have a favorite flavor? I can’t say that I have a single favorite, because there are just too many good ones. Beef, pork, whiskey, beer, cider, lemonade, coffee, chocolate, etc. etc. If I had to pick one, I couldn’t.

While out walking, you hear a rustling in some bushes. What do you think of? There must be an animal in there. Hopefully, a cat.

What’s your ideal temperature (nature-wise)? Hot, cold, temperate and mild, humid or bone dry? 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees centigrade). Roughly 40% humidity.

I’m grateful that my colonoscopy is done and that I haven’t gotten a call that there’s anything suspicious about the polyps they found.

See you in the funny papers!

20 thoughts on “Share Your World for June 15, 2020

    1. I think 72 degrees is the perfect ambient temperature. Perfect for all seasons.

      I feel badly about Chris Farley. He died in a stranger’s apartment with a bunch of people he didn’t know.

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  1. Colonoscopies suck but are necessary and I am glad for the good news. Most motivational speakers seem like televangelists and they turn me off. I am not religious but I don’t mind Wayne Dyer.i think I got his name right. Chocolate, chocolate chocolate! I always think of an animal and once, while walking it was an animal..a gopher who came after me! I must have been near her nest I think. I am somwith you in regards to the temperature but today we are goi g to be in the 30s cel ius


  2. Thanks John for Sharing Your World. The flavor question is turning into a multiple choice answer, because most folks who have answered couldn’t pick just one. It’s all good! 🙂 As to colonoscopies? There’s a worse scenario vis a vis prep for the danged test. Most people can drink that gawd awful prep crap (lemon lime? Yeah, right. Root beer flavor? I don’t know what root they used, but it had spoiled obviously before they put it in the prep… bleah). They get that stuff down and wait. In about one percent of the population however, the prep DRINK doesn’t work or the person trying to drink it is allergic to it or whatever. I’m in that one percent. The last time I had one of those horrid scopes, I had to take no less than TWELVE horse pills over four hours. They taste like horse dung too and it’s a trick to keep from upchucking the damned things right back up again. Plus because the dose was taken over the four hours, one had to time it just right so one could swallow the pills and not have to run for the throne at the same time. My sympathies on the whole ordeal…

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    1. My prep, believe it or not, was a whole bottle of Miralax mixed into two quarts of Gatorade, plus four Dulcolax pills a couple of hours before. I don’t ever want Gatorade again.


  3. There are motivational speakers that have what it takes and there are those that put you to sleep. I feel the world of motivational speakers is too crowded and you have to be exceptional to be successful. My favorite flavor is chocolate. I’m glad the colonoscopy is over.


  4. I agree that it’s kind of difficult to pick just one favorite flavor. Some things that do make me salivate if I see them or think of them are Tabasco sauce or anchovy pizza. Yeah, I’m kind of weird.

    I enjoy hearing a good motivational speaker. I don’t know how much any of them actually motivate me, but they do have a tendency to make me think or feel good. Probably my favorite is Joel Osteen. I don’t look to him for biblical education or anything like that, but his messages instill me with positive feelings.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Joel Osteen is a lot like Reverend Ike (remember him?). The religious message is hidden under a lot of feel-good stories. Having said that, he is a good motivator. I think it was almost 20 years ago that we turned on his show and watched him. He was offering a CD called “Your Best Year Ever,” and I said “what the hell” and ordered it. Mary and I listened to it in the car every time we got in for a while, and I can’t help but feel that it helped us in some way.


    1. The nice thing is you only have to go through it every couple of years, and the guidelines are not to test anyone over 70 unless there’s a real good reason. I might have one more in my future….

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