Song of the Day: The Duo-Tones, “Apache”

Veteran surf guitarists Gil Orr (The Chantays) and Paul Johnson (The Belairs) got together in 2000 and recorded Surf Music Unplugged, acoustic versions of songs they had done in their surf band days. Not fingerstyle, but a clever idea, and the results were fantastic. “Apache” was done originally by Hank Marvin & The Midnighters, and later by Jรธrgen Ingmann, the Ventures and others.

16 thoughts on “Song of the Day: The Duo-Tones, “Apache”

  1. Hi John – I got muddled, til I saw your interaction with ‘willowdot’ – so pleased to understand now!

    It’s a great take on the original – fun to hear again … take care – Hilary


  2. Hi, John!

    I dig this unplugged surf rock instrumental! The video was nicely done, too, with the pic of the woodie loaded with surf boards and footage of surfers negotiating waves. As I’m sure you know, in 1982, the rap group The Sugar Hill Gang had a hit with their cover of “Apache.”

    Thanks for visiting SPMM today, good buddy John!


    1. That was the original, but since Hank Marvin and the Midnighters never caught on here, we had to wait for Jorgen Ingmann’s cover. Never quite understood why Hank and crew never made it here. Guitar players have known about him for years…


      1. Hank Marvin was big here as you know he worked with Cliff Richard and the Shadows. Funnily enough I have never heard of the of the Midnighters , I looked them up but there was no mention of Hank Marvin being among their number but they were from the same place, Teesside ๐Ÿ’œ


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