Jazz, Baby #socs

Image by msacomm from Pixabay

I don’t know what it is about jazz that I like so much. Maybe it’s the snob appeal, but if that were the case, I wouldn’t enjoy listening to it when I was alone, and I do. Snob appeal would imply that I’d only enjoy it when I could be a snob about it, i.e. around non-jazz fans. It would be like “ha ha, I listen to better music than you do!” There was a time when, if I wasn’t listening to the kind of music I liked, I couldn’t have a good time. I realized that was stupid. Now, if I’m not listening to music I like, I tune it out and use it as background noise, kind of like the stuff I listen to at night.

Speaking of noise (and I’m not talking about traffic accidents or cats fighting), did you know there were “colors” of noise? You’ve heard of white noise, I’m sure, but there’s pink noise, brown noise, blue noise, gray noise, violet noise, even green noise. Each is associated with a specific mathematical function, and beyond that I don’t know how it works. I should pick up a book on acoustics, or whatever it is that would explain how it works.

All right, I’ve been meandering long enough…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s a word about Funny Face drink mix from Pillsbury. Pre-sweetened without sugar, and fun to drink!

26 thoughts on “Jazz, Baby #socs

  1. Hi John – I am really interested in your colour noise thoughts … something I haven’t come across. I do love jazz at times … take care – Hilary


  2. I’m a fan of jazz too – don’t listen to it often enough. Is there any music that you’ll turn off because you don’t like it at all? I didn’t know that about color having a noise associated with it, that’s interesting. I’m trying to remember if I ever tried Funny Face when I was a kid? They’d pull it from the shelves now due to the cancer-causing agents as well as being racially inappropriate.


    1. Rap and hip-hop in all their forms. Some of that isn’t even music.

      I think Funny Face disappeared in the mid-’70’s after renaming Injun Orange to Jolly Olly Orange and Chinese Cherry to Choo-Choo Cherry. I think they added a couple of new flavors, too. All gone now. Oh well…

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      1. I’m with you on the Rap and hip-hop!
        Yes – I remember the alternate names of Jolly Olly Orange and Choo-Choo Cherry. What they made the stuff out of, it’s good it is long gone. I don’t think Kool-Aid was much better for us though. 😉


        1. I remember my aunt (who’s more like a big sister) just about losing her mind because the FDA banned sodium cyclamate, which used to be the artificial sweetener in Tab and other sugar-free foods. They went to saccharine (what Funny Face and pre-sweetened Kool-Aid used), but it didn’t taste the same. Saccharine was so concentrated that all you needed was a drop to sweeten coffee, tea etc. I remember putting a drop of it on a finger to taste it, and was just awful that way. The only that tastes like sugar is sugar, and considering the possible effects of putting something chemical in or on your food, you’re better off using plain old sugar or learning to do without.


    1. Of course. There are many different kinds of jazz, some I’ve never heard of (look at the Wikipedia article)….

      White, pink and brown are the three main forms oif noise. The rest are a little on the theoretical side…

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  3. I tend a bit more towards swing then jazz, but regardless, it is such easy music to listen to. I’ve never thought of it as snobby.

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    1. Pink is supposed to be good for better sleep, while brown helps with focus. There are tons of apps available for your phone; I use MyNoise and several apps from TMSoft. Give those a try1

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  4. I enjoy jazz music, as well. I tend to consider my taste in music as eclectic. I enjoy just about any type of music except what passes for rap and hip-hop today. I didn’t know there were other colors of noise besides white noise. That’s interesting. I have heard of people “seeing” sound before, though.

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    1. Rap and hip-hop hardly qualify as music (we welcome replies to our editorials). I get into all kinds of strange things: ambient, vaporwave, Muzak, “beautiful” music, in addition to jazz, blues and rock.

      The best way to tell the difference between the types of noise is to listen to some. White noise uses the entire 20-20k Hz of hearable noise, pink cuts down the low end and brown cuts down the high end. There are loads of examples on YouTube. Give it a try!

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    1. I don’t consider hip-hop and rap to be music. As for opera and classical, I have a great deal of respect for those who can perform that type of music. I had a great-aunt who was a coloratura soprano, and here in Atlanta we have a local operatic tenor who sings “God Bless America” at the 7th inning stretch on Sundays when the Braves are home. His name is Timothy Miller and he sings with the Atlanta Opera and is a voice teacher at one of the HBCU’s in town. It can be 150 degrees on the field and he’s out there in a tuxedo. As far as sitting around listening to opera or classical, though, that’s not for me.

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