Monday’s Music Moves Me: World Songs

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Our assignment this week is to share songs from around the world. So, here come ten of them.

  1. Gipsy Kings, “Bamboleo” From their eponymous first album, Gipsy Kings are gitanos from France and Spain.
  2. Hiroshima, “One Wish” LA-based Hiroshima combines traditional Japanese music with smooth jazz, and the effect is enchanting. The instrument the young woman (June Kuramoto) is playing is the koto.
  3. “Liechtensteiner Polka” The polka is a dance that originated in Bohemia in the mid-19th century and is popular with people in central Europe, most notably (at least in Chicago) the Polish. Fair warning: if you get on a dance floor and you don’t know what you’re doing, you could get trampled by the folks who do.
  4. A. Remos, “Vradiázei (Evening)” Music for the traditional dance zeibekiko, which is here demonstrated by a young Ukranian gentleman named Ivan Svitailo. The white stuff you see on the floor are broken dishes.
  5. Anastasia Tyurina, “Valenki” If you can watch the young Miss Tyurina and not be overwhelmed by her adorableness, there’s something wrong. She was 7 when she played this song on her balalaika. Now 9, she’s a prodigy, not to mention cute as a bug’s ear. She’s accompanied by the Osipov Russian Folk Orchestra uner the direction of Vladimir Andropov.
  6. Angelina Weidl, Melanie Oesch, and Herlinde Lindner, “Erzherzog Johann Jodler“/”Zillertaler Bravourjodler Frauleins Weidl, Oesch, and Lindner are yodelers from Switzerland. Quite obviously, they enjoy it.
  7. Isle of Cumbrae Pipe Band, “Scotland The Brave”/”Blue Bells Of Scotland” From Scotland, although the song they sing as they march off isn’t exactly traditional Scottish pipe music. Country music is popular in Scotland and Ireland.
  8. NOVA, “Corcovado” This is a group from Los Angeles (their singer, Laura Vall, was born in Brazil) that does bossa nova. “Corcovado” is a classic piece written by Antonio Carlos Jobim.
  9. Sunidhi Chauhan, “Aaja Nachle (full title song)” The lovely lady dancing here is Madhuri Dixit, but her voice is dubbed by the equally lovely Ms. Chauhan. This is from the 2007 movie Aaja Nachle, and that’s all I can tell you. Bollywood has this effect on me: I have no idea what’s going on, but I don’t want it to stop.
  10. Yemi Alade, “Oh My Gosh” Yemi Alade (Ah-la-day) is a Nigerian pop singer, and a very enjoyable one at that.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for June 22, 2020.

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21 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: World Songs

  1. So many of us chose music in other languages but styles similar to ours. You rocked this, especially because you put bagpipe music in. Although, overall, the Gipsy Kings were my favorite, I will say that the seven year old was so obviously enjoying her playing, and had such a stage presence, that I would give her performance an A plus, plus plus, plus….. As for the final, Nigerian song – pop is pop everywhere, I guess.


    1. Pop is everywhere, as you say, and I’ll bet if I didn’t tell you she was from Nigeria and that’s where the video was made, you might not figure it out. I think little Nastya is going to be a prodigy like Angelina Jordan. So many talented kids out there… not really a singer, but have you seen Darci Lynne, the 13-year-old ventriloquist? She’s tremendous. I’d put her on a par with any ventiloquist I’ve seen.


  2. I need to brush up on my World Music, because all of your selections (as well as many or all from several other bloggers) today were completely new to me. And I considered myself pretty knowledgeable about most music. I think I liked the Gipsy Kings the best!



    1. The video for “Bamboleo” was very well done, and a lot of theirs have the same format, where they’ll walk into a village carrying their guitars and a party breaks out. Their video for “Volare” is like that:


  3. From the start I couldn’t play these and I love folk music from all over the world. To be honest, I have always had a guilty pleasure with the German, Austrian and Swiss yodelling and loved it since I was a little kid, I love the fact that it started as communication from one mountain top to another. My mom recalled, after dodging to border police, waking up in a barn and hearing the yodelling back and forth…so romantic to me. I actually have a CD Of Angela yodeling and I love it.


  4. Dude, I’m having a difficult time this week considering I haven’t heard of most of these tunes & it’s takin’ a while. hahahaha Oh well, let’s see around the world in (how much)??? hahahaha Okay, so your first tune Gipsy Kings, “Bamboleo” not that I understand it, but it was nice to listen to with my head boppin’ (hehehe) and your second tune Hiroshima, “One Wish” I wish I knew how to play that instrument it’s beautiful, but I bet it’s hard to learn. Okay, I’ll pass on the polka’s. hahaha I use to play the Baby Doll Polka on the accordion when I was little. hahaha I think I was 9 or 10… my brother played guitar & drums also sang. I miss him so much. He has a heart attack at 44 yrs. old. A. Remos, “Vradiázei (Evening)” very pretty & I loved the dance! Up next… she’s adorable… Anastasia Tyurina, “Valenki” what a fantastic artist for sure & she’s too cute! So talented I cannot say enough about her. Angela Wiedl,Melanie Oesch,Herlinde Lindner-Erzherzog Johann Jodler/Zillertaler Bravourjodler Okay, I cannot understand anyone… do you have any English ones… WAIT – I LOVE Yodeling she is so good & it’s so pretty. Okay, I love this one. Great job John! Oh my wait, there’s more! Woo Hoo more yodelers, no all 3 are singing together. Fascinating! Great job & Very cool, John. THANKS JOHN!


    1. With this list, I went out of my way to get as many different kinds of music from as many parts of the world as I could, and I’d say I did all right there. If you got as far as #10, she sings in English, although I think she slips into Igbo (what most Nigerians speak besides English; if not Igbo, then likely Yoruba) on occasion.

      Mary played the accordion, too, but didn’t like it much…


  5. Everyone should listen to polkas and yodeling before going into Yet Another Meeting. 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful selection – I really enjoy the variety you bring to these things.


  6. John,

    Hiroshima, “One Wish” is a mix of modern and retro flavor. It’s quite pretty. Little Anastasia is a marvel on the strings. She’s really going to be a dynamo if she keeps this up. Laura Vall has the sound I like – very soothing and relaxing. I enjoyed NOVA, “Corcovado” quite a bit. Bollywood dancers are interesting. At one time I had a belly dancing workout video. I couldn’t quite master the moves but it was a lot of fun. Your playlist today is a fabulous collection of mewsic from around the world. Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


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