Two For Tuesday: Player (Yacht Rock)

Player got their start in Los Angeles in the mid-’70’s and recorded four albums between 1977 and 1981. The original quartet had Peter Beckett (a British transplant) on guitar and vocals, J. C. Crowley on keyboards and vocals, Ronn Moss on bass and vocals, and John Friesen on drums. The band released eight singles, three of which made the Top 40, two in the Top 10.

“Baby Come Back” was from their 1977 eponymous debut album. It reached #1 in the US and Canada. Later that year, they released “This Time I’m In It For Love”, also from the debut album, which reached #10 in the US and #12 in Canada.

“Prisoner of Your Love” was from their second album, 1978’s Danger Zone. It only reached #27 in the US and #32 in Canada.

Player, your Two for Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

8 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Player (Yacht Rock)

  1. I have the first album I think (all our albums are in the garage behind a bunch of stuff so I can’t check) but I didn’t know they did more. I’ll definitely have to check them out again. Thanks John!


  2. Oh gosh…you bring so many tunes I forgot about like the first one that was a huge hit but I was never one for. I don’t know their second song but not much into it.


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