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For whatever reason, one of my favorite websites is Apartment Therapy. They have interestng advice not just for apartments but for homes as well. Recently, many of their articles have had to do with home staging, displaying your home in the best possible way so as to make it easier to sell. The articles of that sort ask the advice of home stagers, people whose profession is to make houses pretty for the real estate agents and realtors so they can sell them more easily. Some of the readers of the site chafe at the idea of a total outsider telling them what they should or shouldn’t do, particularly those who have no intention of selling their home. After a recent article called “The Six Biggest Pet Peeves Home Stagers Have About Your Bathroom”, one of the commenters made the above observation.

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16 thoughts on “A Comment on Apartment Therapy #1LinerWeds

  1. The one about replacing the medicine cabinet with a mirror is absurd. If I bought a place with no medicine cabinet, I’d have to have one put in.


    1. I’ve gotten used to not having a medicine cabinet, because the vanities in all the bathrooms have sufficient drawer space for whatever we need. Of course, we also put shelving units over the toilets…

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  2. I hate the home. Stagers which seem to suddenly pop up in the last 20 yrs or so. Before real estate agents could sell your home with the owner”s pictures on the wall and books everywhere. Now they want you to spend tons of money to get a storage locker take everything meaningful down and paint the walls whatever the style is..before it was like a light brown and now it is a light grey. I think we need to take back our imagination and see what we can do with the home even if it is not staged. I really hate it.


    1. Agents prefer to sell an empty house, for some reason. I think they have the idea that it’s easier for people to envision their stuff in the space without someone else’s junk there. When Mary and I saw this place, the owners were here, they hadn’t picked everything up, and they had a cat. We were intelligent enough to figure out what the place would look like with our stuff instead of theirs.


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