Song of the Day: Buster Poindexter, “Hot Hot Hot”

In the mid-’70’s, “drag rock” (rock played by men dressed in women’s clothes) was a subculture of glam-rock, and one of the key bands in those days was The New York Dolls. The frontman for the Dolls was singer David Johansen, and several years after the band fell apart, he re-emerged as Buster Poindexter. His songs combined jazz, lounge, calypso and novelty songs, and he appeared regularly on Saturday Night Live in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s. “Hot Hot Hot,” according to Buster, is “the bane of [his] existence,” because of the song’s popularity in Karaoke bars, weddings, and commercials (though I doubt he minds the money he’s making in royalties). The song reached #45 on the Hot 100 and #11 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1987-88.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Buster Poindexter, “Hot Hot Hot”

  1. I couldn’t play this although I know this song well and heard it this past Sunday on the friend who works at a travel agency hates this song because it is always played at their conferences when they are selling cruises and such…not that it is happening now. I always wonder with people who have one hit wonders, how much they make on the one song.


    1. Now you see why Buster calls it “the bane of his existence.” I’m sure he’s made a fortune on it. This was the kind of song they’d play at user conferences and all-hands meetings with my old company. Makes you hate it even more….


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