Song of the Day: Chicago, “Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon”

From Chicago’s eponymous second album, “Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon” was a suite of songs written by James Pankow. The songs in it are:

  • Make Me Smile : 0:00
  • So Much To Say, So Much To Give : 3:16
  • Anxiety’s Moment : 4:29
  • West Virginia Fantasies : 5:30
  • Colour My World : 7:02
  • To Be Free : 10:03
  • Now More than Ever : 11:34

Chicago got two hits out of the suite: “Colour My World,” which launched a thousand senior proms back in my day, and the single “Make Me Smile,” comprised of the suite’s “Make Me Smile” from 0:30 to 2:45, and most of “Now More Than Ever.”

While this isn’t “Long Gold” in the strictest sense, I think the spirit is there…

9 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Chicago, “Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon”

  1. Hi again, John!

    What a coincidence that we both have Chicago on our minds today, good buddy! Are you sure this sweet suite you posted isn’t the copycat sound of Leonid & Friends? 🙂 I’ll tell ya, John, I owned this album and played it to death. The music scene of the mid 60s through early 70s was so doggone exciting with brassy, horn-driven bands like Chicago, Ides of March, Buckinghams, O’Kaysions, Crow, Archie Bell & The Drells and others filling the airwaves with great instrumental workouts and soulful vocals. Thanks for posting this, good buddy John!


    1. I’d like to see Leonid take on The Buckinghams. They were the band that inspired Al Kooper to form Blood Sweat & Tears after The Blues Project. Too many people complain about the Russian accents, but I think they add an element that makes you realize that hey, these guys (and Ksenia, of course) really love the music they’re playing and they’re putting everything they have into the performance. I read that Leonid does all the transcriptions from the records. That is some kind of amazing. What a talented guy!


  2. Chicago is unique to me because of the number of musical artists that play from the normal guitars and drums to the horns.


  3. Hi John – I’ve always enjoyed Chicago … so I’ll be back to listen to the whole link anon … but thank you for prompting me with these songs … today – we need ‘make me smile’ … all the best – Hilary


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