Night Beat #socs

On occasion, a prompt will give me trouble, and this was no exception. Look at a picture, think of a song, and use the title or one line to write a post. Naturally, when that happens, I go off in my own direction.

I have a picture of my parents and me at my aunt Jinx’s wedding (I’d put a picture of it here, except I can’t seem to find the digital copy I made and really don’t want to mess with the scanner). Dad’s dressed in a suit and tie, and Mom’s wearing a very nice dress, her hair is done perfectly, and she’s wearing makeup. Looking at them, they look like they’re dressed for a night on the town, which they did frequently on the weekends. Stinkers that we were, we would occasionally wait up for them (against their strict bedtime orders), usually watching the late movie on WGN. Afer the late movie, the station had a late newscast called “Night Beat.” The opening for it was different from those used in other newscasts: rather than just a title card and some urgent-sounding music, it was almost like a scene from a movie (the open starts after station identification)…

I love the song they play there, and for years I tried to find out what it was. I wrote to WGN and asked them what it was, nd no one could tell me. It was like my “white whale,” the thing you hunt for and never find. Until recently, when Rick Klein from The Museum of Classict Chicago Television learned that it was a clip from an album of production music called “Gadabout,” written by William Loose and Emil Cadkin.

Which was going to be the title of this piece, except I ran out of time…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Fizzies, the new happy drink!

18 thoughts on “Night Beat #socs

  1. The theme music is so nice. It took me back to those days. Each period has its own special music. Here if we listen to film songs and their music of say the sixties of any language in my country, there is a certain similarity. Now when we listen to old music, we can say to which time it belonged. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I know what you mean: it’s typical of the “Baby Boom” period (1946-1964), after World War II when television was starting to come into its own. WGN used the theme well into the ’80’s.

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    1. Back then, when you were out on a date or if you were going to a party, you cleaned up and wore your best clothes. Women put on a dress, stockings and heels to go to the grocery store. I miss some of that elegance. Not much, but I miss it…


  2. So “gadabout” it is…
    Enjoyed memory lane with you and the fizzies commercial was enjoyable – we sure have come a long way with drinks, ads, and late night TV


  3. Sounds like a wonderful photo of your parents. Interesting music for a news cast, too. Glad you finally found out what it was. I know I have a few songs that I just cannot find anywhere. 🙂

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    1. If you can’t find out about a song, chances are it’s production music, recorded specifically for use in industrial films, commercials etc. Kind of like royalty-free images…


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