The Self-Quarantining Week That Was

Here’s John Williams to tell you about 150 Music Masterpieces.

This commercial ran for years, even after John Williams’s death.

I’ve spent a lot of time in The Great Indoors lately, and it’s really starting to get to me. I don’t think I’ve been out more than a dozen times since the end of March, and three of those times were for a dentist’s appointment, a doctor’s appointment, and my colonoscopy. And that’s all I have to say. Here’s the summary for the week.

Our theme this past Monday was “songs played at sporting events or about sports.” As you might expect, most of mine were about baseball, which will actually be starting in less than two weeks, believe it or not, for what will pass for a season.

This week, Melanie wanted to know what we considered to be the closest thing to real magic, the smelliest place we’ve ever been, compliments that are really insults, and what common thing we’ve never done.

In our first Top Ten Tuesday, we visited KFWB in Los Angeles and their top ten for July 9, 1960.

My one-liner this week was about what science fiction told us the world would be like in 2003 and how it actually ended up. Let’s just say the authors of sci-fi in the ’60’s would be a little disappointed.

We had three songs named “Heart And Soul” in this contest, and the one by Huey Lewis & The News reigned supreme.

I managed somehow to take the prompt “final” and talk about my days of delivering the Chicago Daily News around Rogers Park, including my first encounter with my future sister-in-law, though none of us knew it at the time.

My series on yacht rock continued with a look at Darryl Hall and John Oates and the #1 singles they issued during the yacht rock period (1975-1985).

We were given a somewhat unwieldy prompt (look at a picture, see what song it suggests, and write a post based on the song’s name or a line from it), and I chose to write about a piece of music that was used as the introduction of a late-night newscast, the title of which had been driving me crazy for as long as I can remember. Turns out it was a piece of “production music” (generic music that TV and radio stations would license and use whenever appropriate) originally from the Capitol “Hi-Q” collection now licensed by Carlin Productiom Music. No doubt there are other such masterpieces of the sort floating around, which fascinates me.

Songs of the day this week will be Hall & Oates’s non-#1 hits. Tomorrow is a freebie day, which I’ll use to introduce another band I found on YouTube for your musical enjoyment. I have to scour all the usual websites and choose a radio station survey for Tuesday and dig through my Evernote meme notebook for a one-liner for Wednesday. We’ll have another Battle of the Bands on Wednesday, and I’ll focus on another “yacht rock” artist on Friday. Need prompts from Melanie, Kat, and Linda to complete the rest of this week’s posts.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

15 thoughts on “The Self-Quarantining Week That Was

  1. Hi John – love the John Williams ad … obviously successful. I’d hate to be shut in … so I’m thankful I can get out and walk around … I’m not using our public transport at the moment … but living by the sea has it’s advantages. I do think of others closed in … and feel for you all – it’s something I think we must keep adjusting to: sad to say. Take care and stay safe – Hilary


    1. I have faith that things will turn around and we’ll be back to a real normal by the end of the year. You live along the south coast of England, correct? I think I looked it up once…


  2. I certainly don’t go out like I used to, but still I’m out fairly regular to run needed errands. My wife and I also take at least one drive out and about each week. Yesterday (Saturday) after just checking to see if Costco still had waiting lines (they did–a relatively small one), I decided to drive around the Disneyland/Knott’s Berry Farm area. So much was closed down business-wise, but since most of the business relies on park and tourist traffic there probably wasn’t much need to be open. It’s sad to see the state of things, but still a lot of people are out and about. I’m guessing there might be a lot out driving like we do.

    I wish all this stuff would just end!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. I do, too. I wonder if anyone has actually analyzed the numbers to see where the bad spots are and focused the necessary resources on those areas…


  3. We are fortunate to live near great open spaces. I get outside to fiddle with the garden, but other than the grocery store and one trip to Lowe’s and one to Costco, we have been home bound, too. Meanwhile others are determined to kill themselves or others.


  4. Other than the grocery store and the occasional trip to my business mailbox, I haven’t gone out much either except to walk the dog. I’m not feeling shut in though. Guess I’m really just a homebody anyway.


  5. I am tired of being shut in, as well. I’m thrilled when I have to pick up a delivery, which is our same premise. At least I am outside. We also spend time outside on our balcony.


  6. Hey John, happy Sunday. I am sorry you are feeling shut in. It not a good feeling. Can you and your wife get out for a walk. Walking out dog has kept me sane, this last month since I have been in hospital has been very difficult for me as I am practically house bound too. We have a gardens but it’s not the same as being out . Keep sane thinking of you.💜


    1. I’m a bit of an invalid because my knees are so bad, and I end up riding in a wheelchair. So I stay home a lot more to give Mary a break. She takes a walk every day, sometimes twice a day.


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