Song of the Day: Hall & Oates, “Wait For Me”

“Wait For Me” was the first single from Daryl and John’s 1979 album X-Static. I can’t recall having heard this, which might explain why it peaked at #18, still in the Top 20 but not as strong as some of the others. It was produced by David Foster (might that have been the issue? Discuss). It nevertheless won a BMI Airplay award.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Hall & Oates, “Wait For Me”

  1. Hi John – it’s different at least … the video is pretty jerky to watch. But thanks for posting it and expanding our listening opportunities … take care – Hilary


  2. I don’t remember this one. Isn’t it funny how some songs can get in the top 20 but you never hear them again…yet others can make it to #56 and have a life of their own afterwards?
    Not a bad song…love the skinny punk tie…I had many of them at one time.


    1. Billboard, Cash Box etc. are looking at composite numbers for the entire country and aren’t looking at individual markets, so it’s possible that a song can be #1 in Cleveland and miss the chart completely in Detroit, let’s say. The Looking Glass was a one-hit wonder in most of the country (“Brandy”), but in Chicago, their second single, “Jimmy Loves Mary Ann,” was a Top 10 hit. It might have made the “bubbling under” chart or even the lower end of the Hot 100 solely on the basis of how well it did in Chicago. Very strange…

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