Five For Friday: Little River Band (Yacht Rock)

The Little River Band, from Melbourne, QLD, Australia, were most popular in my “just-married guy, working nights” days, so of course they hold a special place in my heart. Funny, though, until just a couple of years ago I thought the only song they did was “Reminiscing.” Guess I wasn’t paying attention when the announcers on the radio were announcing who did the last song. Or maybe the announcers weren’t so good about who did the last song…

LRB’s original lineup included Beeb Birtles on guitar and vocals, Graham Goble on guitar and vocals, Glenn Shorrock on vocals, Ric Formosa (and later Dave Briggs) on guitar and vocals, Roger McLachlan on bass, and Derek Pellici on drums. None of the original members are with the current lineup. Their biggest hits were recorded between 1977 and 1982, and are still being played tofday.

  1. Reminiscing (1978, #3)
  2. Lady (1979, #10)
  3. Lonesome Loser (1979, #6)
  4. Cool Change (1980, #10)
  5. The Night Owls (1981, #6)
  6. Take It Easy On Me (1982, #10)

Little River Band, your Five For Friday, July 17, 2020.

17 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Little River Band (Yacht Rock)

  1. I had their greatest hits cassette when I was on the road. It was in regular rotation on my player for a long time. Later I got the album on CD. Still one of my all time favorites. My favorite song is “Take it Easy on Me”, but really there’s not a bad song in the bunch.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  2. Awesome,I’ll have to do these guys as well on a future 5 on friday.Oh by the way I added you to the 5 on friday set already.


    1. A couple of years ago, I bought their “Greatest Hits” because, like I said, the only song I knew for sure they did was “Reminiscing.” As I was listening to it, I kept saying “oh, they did that?” They were all songs I was familiar with, just wasn’t sure why…

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  3. I love this band and often forget about them. It’s a good listening moment for today. Last night I saw very sad news. I follow a blog where this beautiful gentle-man who was a writer for a paper, loved his home, his wife,his dogs and just started last year with bee keeping died! He wrote he wasn’t feeling well and was going to see the dr the next day but he died over night. We just never know but life is meant to be cherished.

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