Song of the Day: Sonny Curtis, “Love Is All Around”

This was a shot in the dark: I was bopping around YouTube, saw this record, and had no idea what it was, so I listened. It surprised me to find out that it ws the song used as the theme for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which ran from 1970 to 1977 and is considered one of the great TV shows of all time. Sonny Curtis got his start when he joined The Crickets (Buddy Holly’s band) in late 1958. When Buddy died in the plane crash on “the day the music died,” Sonny took over as lead guitarist and vocalist. As a songwriter, Sonny wrote “Walk Right Back” for The Everly Brothers, and he and The Crickets did a couple more of his songs, “I Fought The Law,” which became a hit for The Bobby Fuller Four, and “More Than I Can Say,” later covered by Leo Sayer and Bobby Vee.

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    1. I’ve read that it was one of the first ensemble shows, where everyone was funny and everyone got to be the center of attention once in a while. And there was an incredible amount of talent there.

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      1. Yes and all of them say that Mary was completely unselfish. Lou Grant was a favorite character of mine…but all were great.

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  1. Hi, John!

    A Google search of “Love Is All Around” yields the 1967 hit by The Troggs, the song posted here by willowdot21. Fewer people seem to remember this other wonderful “Love Is All Around” song.

    I never missed an episode of the MTM Show, and this song penned and performed by Sonny Curtis was ideal as the series theme. The song’s lyrics and arrangement along with the visuals used in the opening “music video” sequence made it one of the greatest show intros in TV history. I don’t think I would ever tire of listening to this great song. Thanks for posting it, good buddy John, and thank you again for visiting Shady’s Place Music & Memories!


    1. As many TV themes that have gone on to Top 40 success (“Happy Days,” “Making Our Dreams Come True,” “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” “I’ll Be There For You,” and many instrumentals), there are many more that could have done the same. This is one of those.

      My stepfather was in love with the coat she wore in the opening montage, the one she’s wearing as she throws her knitted tam in the air. Anyway, it was a fantastic show, groundbreaking in many respects, and was downrght funny.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Not heard the song Love is all around by Sonny Curtis. I also remember those great song he wrote, and Buddy Holly and the Crickets. I know of the Mary Tyler Moore show but don’t think have ever seen it 😣.
    I was surprised it was neither of these songs that I know of as Live is all around.


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