Song of the Day: Joey Scarbury, “Believe It Or Not”

The Greatest American Hero ran from 1981 to 1983 and briefly in 1986. It starred William Katt as Ralph Hinkley (later Ralph Hanley) as a teacher who is visited by aliens and given a special suit that gives him superpowers enabling him to fight crime and establish justice. The suit comes with an instruction manual, which, as you probably suspect, he loses almost immediately and, as the aliens are never around to help, he has to figure things out for himself. “Believe It Or Not,” the theme for the series, was written by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer and performed by Joey Scarbury. It was released in 1981 as a single, which peaked at #2 on the Hot 100 (kept out of the top spot by “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie), #1 on the Cash Box singles chart, #5 in Canada, #2 in Australia, and #1 in New Zealand.

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