The “August Already?” Week That Was

Here are Jennilee Harrison and Erik Estrada for Kebrina’s Psychic Answer. $3.99 per minute, must be 18.

I think the whole “1-900” craze is behind us, thank heaven.

Happy August, everyone! I hope everyone is holding on through yet another month of self-quarantine or shelter in place or whatever they’re calling it these days. I’ve spent most of the last four months in the house, kind of like that couple in Beetlejuice. Which reminds me of this post. Anyway, here’s the sumary, because I have little more to talk about.

Freebie day, so I played “YouTube Wheel of Fortune,” which is a lot like YouTube Roulette except mine had Vanna White (or at least a picture of her). Pat Sajak is from Chicago. Just thought I’d mention it.

This week included questions about whether I’m a clean or messy person, five words to describe me, whether I like being out in nature, and what I could spend all day talking about. I did make one change to the list of five descriptive words, substiututing “hilarious” for “cranky,” and Eugenia suggested I add “smart,” so I’ll probably drop “tired.” So the final list is “obese, crippled, smart, hilarious, dyspeptic.”

We visited radio station 3DB in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and looked at their Top 10 from 1961. An Australian Top 10 with only one Australian artist seems a little strange, but such is life.

Found a meme about going out and discovering why you don’t go out. People seemed to like the old commercial for the Salvation Army that featured Hi and Lois and their family (oldest son Chip, twins Dot and Ditto, and baby Trixie), which still appear on the comics page and the electronic equivalent, Comics Kingdom. There are many other comics pages on the Internet, but that’s the one I know about. Lois, incidentally, is Beetle Bailey’s sister.

This was basically a review of my July, which, like the three months preceding it, was a lot of staying in and hiding from the coronavirus. In happier news, I announced that I now have 500 followers on the WordPress reader, for which I thank you profusely.

My Yacht Rock artists series continued with Eric Carmen.

We were to start the post with the word “more,” and I managed to do that and talk about a friend of mine who planned on singing the theme from Mondo Cane, “More,” to his bride at their wedding, except they broke up. He did eventually get married, while stationed in the Philippines with the Air Force, but as I wasn’t at the wedding I can’t tell you if he sang it to the woman he married, with whom he has a whole lot of kids. Maybe he did…

I just started a Battle of the Bands yesterday featuring three different songs, all of which are named “Angel Eyes.” I’m aware of the ABBA song of that name, but didn’t include it. Your choices are Ace of Base, The Jeff Healey Band, and Roxy Music. If you haven’t voted, I’d appreciate it if you would, because it’s running kind of close. You can click on the picture above, which will take you to the battle. Anyone with ears can vote. Thanks!

I’ll figure out a theme for this week’s Songs of the Day. I’m listening to some very good acoustic fingerstyle guitar, so maybe that? Tomorrow’s theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me is “songs about islands,” so come on by and see which ones I figured out. I’m working on a radio station survey for Tuesday, a one-liner for Wednesday, and a yacht rock artist for Friday, and have to wait on Melanie, Linda and Kat to see what prompts they come up with for Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Story of my life…

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And that’s a wrap on this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. Once my son was staying with my mother and ran up nearly $200 in 900# calls. Apparently it had something to do with some kind of contest. My mother was unhappy, but as grandmas will be she was forgiving and let it go. I was kind of pissed and let my son know that I was clearly unhappy. He was probably about 14 at the time. He didn’t do it again.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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