Top Ten Tuesday: WCRO (1230 AM, Johnstown, PA), 8/3/63

WCRO went on the air in September 1947, and has never changed their call letters or frequency on the dial. It’s currently owned by the Greater Johnstown School District, broadcasting a nostalgia format from the Music Of Your Life network, and simulcast TV station WJAC’s morning newscasts from 5 to 7 AM. Here’s their Top Ten from 1963.

I’m going to try something different this week: Rather than giving the list of songs and writing something about each, I’m going to give you a table that shows the song (or songs), the artist, and its peak on the Billboard Hot 100. Let me know how you like it!

# Song Artist Hot
10 “If I Had A Hammer” Trini Lopez 3
9 “Denise” Randy & The Rainbows 10
8 “My Whole World Is Falling Down”
“I Wonder”
Brenda Lee 24
7 “Just One Look” Doris Troy 10
6 “Judy’s Turn To Cry” Lesley Gore 5
5 “Till Then” The Classics 20
4 “Surf City” Jan & Dean 1
3 “Marlena”
“Candy Girl”
The Four Seasons 36
2 “So Much In Love” The Tymes 1
1 “Wipeout” The Surfaris 1

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for August 4, 2020.

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WCRO (1230 AM, Johnstown, PA), 8/3/63

  1. I remember all of these well. I like your list idea but I also liked your insights. I agree with Ed, perhaps an interesting tidbit at the bottom of the list.


  2. I like the format, but I miss your insights into the songs. Maybe add an “interesting tidbit of the day” at the bottom of the list?


    1. I like the columnar format (mostly because I spent so long setting it up) and I can always change the definition of the columns. I’ll try something different next week…


  3. This list stirred up some memories for me, John. We had several Trini Lopez albums. Our family sang a lot in the car so anything we could sing was fair game. My sisters and I used to stand in front of the 3panel mirror on the dresser and pantomime “It’s Judy’s Turn to Cry”. And of course I learned to do the ‘shimmy’ to “Wipeout”. This is a great list – all good choices. I would have been almost 10 years old when this list came out. Some of their chart positions surprised me.


    1. It’s interesting to see the differences in the Top 10 from market to market. The Hot 100 rank gives you a general idea of where the song ended up nationally, and you can compare that to what’s on an individual survey. An example: “I Wonder” was a Top 10 hit here, but didn’t get higher than #25 nationally. It probably didn’t get played at all in the major markets (New York, Chicago, and LA).


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