Song of the Day: Malo, “Nena”

Malo was started by Jorge Santana (Carlos’s brother), Richard Bean, and Arcello Garcia. Their music was a cross between Santana and Chicago, in other words Latin jazz-rock or Latin rock with horns. “Nena” was from their self-titled 1972 album.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Malo, “Nena”

  1. It sounds really good. I always wondered how bands like this made much money and the reason is not because they are not good…they are great but it takes so many members to perform…you would have to have quite a crowd.


      1. Yea…Springsteen had a huge band back in the early seventies and he didn’t make much. Unless they have a hit…it’s hard.

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    1. That was their only hit. They were a San Francisco band, so I’d think they would have squeezed a couple more songs into the Top 40 there; but then, I’m thinking of Chicago, where we had a lot of bands that were popular around the Midwest that WLS and WCFL played a lot.

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  2. Actually, there was a German artist, charted here, early 80s, called Nena. Did you get her there? The big song was called 99 Red Balloons, but there might have been others. The music itself is very, very different to this – I much prefer your choice.


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