BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Angel Eyes” Results

Well, my last Battle of the Bands pitted three different songs named “Angel Eyes” against each other. Turnout was heavy, and by the middle of the week it became more than clear who the winner would be. Here are the results:

Ace Of Base: 3

Jeff Healey: 11

Roxy Music: 2

Guess that’s rather decisive. Congratulations to Jeff Healey and a pat on the back for Ace Of Base and Roxy Music. Makes me woner if maybe I should have used ABBA’s “Angel Eyes.” Some other time, maybe.

Our next Battle of the Bands will be next Saturday, August 15 See you then!

9 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Angel Eyes” Results

  1. Man, I miss Jeff Healey. It’s been on my mind since I voted. AND HE WON! Those pipes really hold up, eh? I’m glad he was the victor.

    Be well, friend, and avoid the weirdos out there.

    Love, Cherdo


  2. JOHN, it may have been a blowout, but I always get a good post-BOTB feeling any time I do a 3-Way and ALL 3 competitors get at least one vote. That always leaves me feeling that every song had a place in the contest.

    I think all 3 of these songs were new to me, so I came into the Battle with no preconceived notions. And, speaking just for me, I’m quite sure that ABBA wouldn’t have had any chance of changing my “bote”. I never did understand the ABBA thing. The Carpenters, I get, in spades, but ABBA?… They made The Carpenters seem like Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles.

    ~ D-FensDogG


  3. I’m glad he won…his guitar playing was hard to duplicate because of the way he played it. He could bend notes like crazy.


    1. He was an interesting guy. I understand he had a huge collection of jazz and blues 78’s, and had a weekly show where he’d play them and talk about them. He was really knowledgable.

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      1. I didn’t know about that…I knew he liked Blues of course but not jazz.
        I was shocked when he died…


  4. That was a resounding victory for Healey, but his song was a good one. The guy’s got talent. They were all good as far as I’m concerned.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Jeff and I shared a birthday. He died a few years ago: the cancer that blinded him and from which he was in remission came back. That song was a top 10 hit, so I’m not surprised it won. In retrospect, I’d have used ABBA’s “Angel Eyes” as one of the contetants.


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