The Cabin Fever Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Standard Brands, makers of Tender Leaf Tea and Fleischmann’s Margarine.

It’s been a typical week here at The Sound of One Hand Typing. I’ve been in the house an awful lot, and am starting to bounce off the walls. I understand the rationale behind the shelter-in-place and mask-wearing and all that happy crap, I’m just wondering how long it’ll be before life will be back to normal and not some “new” normal. I’m sure I’ve said that before, and probably to a few of you specifically, and you’re probably tired of hearing me bitch about it, but let’s face it, what else is there to talk about? Anyway, here’s the summary for the week.

This week’s assignment was songs about islands or an island theme, and as always I did my best to select songs that no one else did. I think there was only one that showed up on multiple lists, Bertie Higgins’s “Key Largo.” That’s just a gorgeous song that I couldn’t not use.

I offered my opinion on what would most likely be the downfall of the Internet, my idea on a “red flag,” a silly argument I had, and the strangest thing I found on the side of the road. I also shared that I was happy I had chosen to go upstairs early, before I got too tired to climb the stairs. Sometimes I think we should have bought a ranch-style house…

We visited radio station WCRO in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and shared their Top Ten the week of August 3, 1963. I also tried a new format for the list, which people kind of liked but wanted to see my occasionally snarky comments along with the songs. I like the table format, so I’ll try a combination of the two and see how that suits everyone. We aim to please here at The Sound of One Hand Typing…

My one-liner was from Lamebook, as are many of them, and had to do with the number of unusual animals that can be found in Australia. My own experience was limited and thankfully did not include visits from the unique wildlife in the Land Down Under. I know, boring, right?

The prompt word was “vintage,” leading me to review one of this past year’s A to Z entries, after which I talked about vintage clothing and TV and decried the CBS Television Network’s penchant for “updating” some of its classic series to make them more “diverse” and “inclusive” (not to mention “violent”) and the occasional misadventures that entails.

My series on Yacht Rock Artists continued with a look at Stephen Bishop, who had a couple of hits and who wrote lots of songs for others. His website offers a unique service where Stephen will write custom songs for you for various life occasions, e.g. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, etc. (I had a lot more, but I think some people would be offended…)

Jeff Healey won my latest Battle with his song entitled “Angel Eyes,” beating both Ace of Base’s and Roxy Music’s “Angel Eyes” by a comfortable margin. The irony of his victory was that Jeff was blind. Regardless, his song is beautiful and deserved to win.

Linda’s prompt this week was “spot,” and as I had devoted many hours of my misspent youth making up jokes about Teddy Roosevelt having a dog named Spot, and a possible nickname for Mikhail Gorbachev, and I remembered a restaurant in Evanston called The Spot, I wrote about those things. Later, seeing that Willow came up with a second post for the day, I wrote another post where I talked about the 7 Up Spots (there was a red dot between the “7” and the “Up” in their logo that was animated for TV) and the old sports game Spot The Ball.

This week will be like just about any other, which is both the advantage and disadvantage of having my week so carefully planned out. I keep promising myself that I’m going to come up with a reason to write something a little more spontaneous, but never quite get around to it. Stop by this week and see if I manage to do that.

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And that does it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. I fear it will be quite a while until we have a new normal. Until everyone can have a vaccine. My hubby and I are hermits so this isn’t bothering us as much as some.


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