Song of the Day: Eric Burdon & War, “Spill The Wine”

After the demise of The Animals in 1969, Eric Burdon was living in San Francisco and joined up with the Oakland-based funk band War, becoming the group’s vocalist. They released “Spill The Wine” in 1970, around the same time I got my first stereo. I bought the single and played the grooves off of it. The song reached #3 on the Hot 100 and in Canada, #5 in Mexico, and #2 in Australia. This is a “live” version of the song, which stretches out a little beyond the original 4:51 length of the single.

15 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Eric Burdon & War, “Spill The Wine”

  1. Hi, John!

    Like you I owned this single and played the grooves off. It was a refreshingly new and different sound at the time. War went on to release several great singles that were popular on Soul Train. My favorites, the ones I bought, include “The Cisco Kid,” “Me And Baby Brother” and “Outlaw,” the latter a big hit in clubs I frequented.

    Thanks for visiting Shady’s Place today, John. I also commented on your Rare Earth post. Enjoy the rest of your week, good buddy!


    1. I played harmonica, and Lee Oskar was always good to listen to and try to pick up little licks and pointers from. They used to introduce him as “the one colored guy in the band”… I had their live album, and found it kind of hard to get into; I think it suffered from a poor recording job. Either that, or they sounded that much better in the studio, which is hard to believe…


  2. Hi John – he’s got a distinctive sound … I’m loving this. Appropriate for today … just right to make us think … take care – Hilary


  3. i saw them perform live at a free family outdoor concert one summer, maybe 10 years ago, and everyone loved them. i loved that song and the whole album.


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