Song of the Day: Monica Rocha, “The One Who Really Loves You”

I was over at Shady’s Place today, and one of the songs he played was The Marvelettes’ cover of Mary Wells’s “The One Who Really Loves You.” Loved the cover so much I went to YouTube and heard the original, and found that there were a couple of other covers, one by Bobby Rydell, and one by a young lady named Monica Rocha, who I had never heard of. I was really impressed by her, and checked her cover of “Hello Stranger” with Malik Malo, and was even more impressed. She’s represented by Silent Giant Entertainment, and her bio calls her “a young voice from an old soul.” Enough from me; here’s the song.

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Monica Rocha, “The One Who Really Loves You”

  1. Hi, John!

    Wow, Monica is a wonderful discovery, and I thank you for the introduction. While her cover of “The One Who Really Loves You” is great, I agree that she and Malik Malo really nail it to the wall with their low rider rendition of “Hello Stranger.” I will be following these artists from now on. Thanks for plugging Shady’s Place, good buddy John!


    1. She just blew me away. I don’t think they had to auto-tune her voice, even if they did (that’s what I don’t understand: I hear they auto-tune even when they don’t have to). She has another song, “Angel Baby,” and she just about stole my heart…

      That Silent Giant Enterprises represents a few Chicano/Chicana acts, and if they’re all as good as she is they’ll be very successful.


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