25 thoughts on “Good Question… #1LinerWeds

    1. I’m not much of an olive fan, to be honest, but I should get one of my radios out and listen to it. Both of them get AM, FM, weather, air, and shortwave (one has SSB capabilities). Haven’t had much luck with the shortwave side, but maybe it’ll be there if I try soon…

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        1. Depending on what radio station you listen to, you can probably get it over the Internet. Both iHeart and TuneIn let you receive local stations, and 97.1’s website allows you to listen online (there doesn’t seem to be a volume control on it, so be careful).

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    1. Actually, Greece sounds like Reese, as in “Reese’s Pieces.” πŸ˜›

      I have two really nice radios (one has SSB, the other doesn’t) and I hardly listen to them. I probably should, y’know? Both pick up shortwave, weather and air bands (think airport) and those can be fun…

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      1. My dad had a huge multi-band radio. The cover dropped down and inside were graphics that included a map showing the time zones of the world. It was cool to listen to.


                1. I figured it probably wasn’t that exact one, but I figured it was close. My grandfather had a really nice one, a table model that had AM, FM and the popular shortwave bands, but from your description I was pretty sure yours wasn’t that one. (I wish I had it…)


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