Five For Friday: Supertramp (Yacht Rock)

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Supertramp was started in the late ’60’s by keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist Roger Hodgson and keyboardist Rick Davies. Their music was a blend of progressive and pop, and their sound was marked by the use of the Wurlitzer elctric piano and saxophone. Hodgson and Davies are credited with writing almost all the band’s songs, including the five we have on tap for you today. Their two best-selling albums were 1974’s Crime of the Century and 1979’s Breakfast in America, both of which have attained Diamond status (10 times Platinum).

# Song Remarks
1 “Give A Little Bit” From the 1977 album Even In The Quietest Moments, they reached the Top 40 for the first time in the US (#15) and Canada (#8).
2 “The Logical Song” From 1979’s Breakfast In America, this reached #1 in Canada and #6 in the US. This was the highest they charted in either country.
3 “Take The Long Way Home” This is Roger Hodgson’s solo version of this song, from a show he did in London in 2016. Also from Breakfast In America, Hodgson said of this song “I really believe we all want to find our home, find that place in us where we feel at home, and to me, home is in the heart and that is really, when we are in touch with our heart and we’re living our life from our heart, then we do feel like we found our home.”
4 “Dreamer” From the 1974 album Crime of the Century, this was released in Europe in 1974, reaching #13 in the UK and #6 in Italy. A live version, from their 1980 live album Paris, reached #1 in Canada and #15 in the US.
5 “It’s Raining Again” From 1982’s …Famous Last Words…, this reached #4 in Canada, #11 in the US, and #7 on the US Mainstream Rock Chart.

Roger Hodgson left the band in 1983 for a solo career, and the band continued to record and tour with Davies and a revolving door of musicians until the band dissolved in 1988. Hodgson continues to perform.

Supertramp, your Five For Friday, August 21, 2020.

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  1. Ah the memories. I always liked Supertramp, esp The Logical Song. Back in the late 70s, I’d be cruising around in my Dodge Dart not wanting to go home and playing that song. Seems like it might have been on an 8 Track. Thank God I made it home in one piece.


    1. There were times I’d play the same song over and over until my mother was ready to kill me…. Sometimes you hear a song and you have to hear it again and again like that…

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