Song of the Day: George Baker Selection, “Little Green Bag”

The George Baker Selection was formed in The Netherlands By Hans Bouwens, who used the name “George Baker” (which he had taken from a character in a mystery novel). With bassist Jan Visser, Bouwens wrote “Little Greenback” in 1969, changing it to “Little Green Bag” for the American market. The song reached #21 in the US in 1969. The band stayed together until 1978, having one additional song reach the charts here, “Paloma Blanca,” which reached #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts in the US and Canada in 1975. Baker re-formed the group in 1982, and they recorded several more albums before breaking up in 1989. “Little Green Bag” became popular again in 1992 when the film Reservoir Dogs used it in the opening sequence.

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    1. I guess it wasn’t on the charts everywhere. Either that, or it was on briefly and got knocked off by something else. I did a series a while back that looked at songs that just entered the charts and what happened to them. A lot of them didn’t make it past #25, and a few would make the chart and drop off a couple of weeks later.

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  1. Absolutely love this song, John. Sure makes you want to get up and move. This is the kind of song hubby would drive me crazy with drumming on the steering wheel! 😊


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